• Somebody’s Watching YOU!

    Somebody’s Watching YOU!

    Author: Lea S


    I remember back in the days when mIRC was the IT thing, once in a while, I would play a prank on any random chatter by pretending to be someone of a different identity. And because instant messaging is a non face-to-face form of communication (excluding webcam-ing), everyone can be anyone. Then it occurred to me, if I could pretend to be someone else, then the strangers chatting with me could also turn out to not be who they claimed to be. Minor Internet pranks like these may be harmless but for some unlucky ones, they can turn into something traumatizing.

    Picture courtesy of bruno-free

  • All you need is the INTERNET!

    All you need is the INTERNET!

    Author: Justin Wong


    The Internet has evolved exponentially since the dotcom boom more than a decade ago. Not only are you able to do more and more different things online, you can now do them free of charge. You’ll be amazed by the array of the web’s functionality ready at your fingertips, with your cash staying in your pockets. Here are things you can do without downloading any software (including freeware). All you need is a connected computer with a browser.

  • Capture Memories

    Capture Memories

    Author: Karenmarie

    Picture courtesy of Jenny Rollo

    One of the things that is so important are the memories of the big day. After ALL that preparation trying to make the day go well and smoothly and not forgetting trying to make it look perfect, you just cannot have it without a wedding photographer.

  • Things to know about an iPhone

    Things to know about an iPhone

    Author: Justin Wong   All the hype and anticipation has tremendously built Apple’s next supposed revolutionary product a great image with all sorts of marketing, paid or unpaid. Those outside the U.S. who have at least heard about the the iPhone will most likely have positive perception of it, even if one simply looks at […]