• Wear This Phone On Your Wrist

    Wear This Phone On Your Wrist

    Truthfully, I’ve always had a streak of bad luck when it comes to tech gadgets. No matter how well I’ve tried to take care of them, those stuff just seem to die on me after a short period of time. And therefore, as essential as my mobile is to me, I’ve never found the need […]

  • Facebook: The Right Way

    Facebook: The Right Way

    There are 350 millions Facebook members who collectively spend more than 10 billion minutes logging on to the website every day. With the introduction of Facebook application on mobile devices like I-phone, everybody can update their status, upload photos and leave comments on the go. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (unless you’re a […]

  • Western Digital — Backing It Up!

    Western Digital — Backing It Up!

    I remember in one episode of Sex and The City when Carrie got really panicky hen a ‘sad- Mac’ suddenly appeared on her computer screen while she was working on her column. It turned out that her hard drive was corrupted and the worst part is she had never backed up any of her documents. […]

  • When Fashion and Gadgets Become One

    When Fashion and Gadgets Become One

    Author: Karenmarie   You get a pretty normal looking tote bag with a TV on it! Bag TV is an innovative bag which comes with a TV so that you can bring your TV along everywhere you go. This ordinary looking bag has a flap on the front which opens up to a 7 inch LCD TV. […]

  • Question: Touch Screen Fetish

    Question: Touch Screen Fetish

    With all the iPhone craze and touch screen craze right now, I also feel like I need a touch screen phone :) But I really don’t want to prize tag to go along with it. I have a touch screen fetish, lols. Where can I get one emmagem?


    Touchy Feel-y Girl

    Hullo Touchy Feel-y girl:)

    I understand what you feel about the touch screen craze. Everyone is doing it. Once I was at Low Yat Plaza buying a video camera, I made a comment about how everything is touch screen now, even video cameras. The fella at the shop said, “Touch screen is going to be big!”. I guess he was right. Every screen nowadays are touch screen. From phones to shopping mall directories. They are all going tactile.

    Touching is the new pink (ok, that sounded wrong). So where can you get a touch screen phone? I have the answer: The new LG KP 500.

    LG has jumped on the bandwagon and now too has a touch screen phone. This LG KP 500 is a newbie in town and boy does it look awesome.

    If I were to own a touch screen phone, it has to be cute okay!

    Don’t worry,

  • Internet Security For Home Users

    Internet Security For Home Users

    We’ve all heard about phishing right, where you get emails from supposed respectable companies  and banks asking you to update your data and they are really just hoax emails from scammers. I know, companies like even  Paypal and  HSBC bank have been used in the effort to con some unsuspecting users to divulge information and passwords […]

  • The Many Dangers of Facebook

    The Many Dangers of Facebook

    Author: Justin Wong

    Lets ‘face’ it. Facebook has been taking over Malaysian internet users away from Friendster, slowly but surely. We cannot deny its popularity, and its functionality. But what many of us don’t know is how much our personal information is being passed around like a peace pipe in tribal ceremony.

    Since the advent of Facebook Apps, countless coders have rushed in to create applications for Facebook users, ranging from the ridiculously redundant, to the universally usable. Stop and think why these people take the time to create those applications in the first place? Facebook is not paying them. Here’s the reason:

    The creators of the applications will gain access to the information of their users, and their user’s friends. See full story here.

    Do you actually read the terms that you are forced to agree with in order to add pretty much any application? Perhaps you should. I know a few who adds applications to their profiles like there is no tomorrow. That would mean that they are, in a way, exposed to many hungry info-mongers out there. I personally add only those that I truly enjoy, and find handy.

    So what is the potential harm? What is the worst that could possibly happen? That remains to be seen. Facebook has a team of people doing everything they can to stop fraud, fake accounts, spam, and other pesky things. Not only that, you have a myriad of privacy options available for you to tweak as much you like. I recommend you pay a visit to that page soon, the link is at the top right corner.

    Not only should you be weary of your privacy, you should be careful of your own actions! If you joined to many groups or have too many friends, the Facebook police will arrest you and lock you up for good. To see what other things that could get your account disabled, go here.

    Speaking of dangers in Facebook, lets not forget how excessive usage could cost you your productivity. Whether you’re a student or in an office, resist the temptation of ‘facebooking’ too many times in a single day! Here’s a suggestion to help you reduce usage: if you have it bookmarked, remove it.

    I shall conclude by saying: don’t take your freedoms for granted. There is a price for everything. The people who created and developed Facebook are not necessarily evil, but its users can be. Go on, remove the applications you can do without. Heck, go outside and smell the fresh air.

  • Question: Cheap Laptop/Notebook Bags

    Question: Cheap Laptop/Notebook Bags

    Author: Karenmarie

    Komen Laptop Bags from Mobile Edge

    hey,i wonder where else to get a stylish,practical and affordable/cheap laptop bag aside from gin&Jacqie



    We’re afraid laptop bags are not cheap, if not then it would not serve its purpose as a laptop bag, would it? Laptop bags need to be sturdy and it has to protect the laptop most importantly. Most that we’ve seen are at least above RM100. So far, really, the cheapest we’ve seen is still Gin&Jacqie. Unless someone else (READ: Readers of emmagem!) has seen any other cheaper version!

    Get a bag with bold colours instead, if you cannot find a stylish bag. . .

    Here are some suggestions. . .

  • Customize Your Cover!

    Customize Your Cover!

    Author: Karenmarie



    We found a great Singapore-based website, Fabrix Cases that customizes awesome macbook sleeves, ipod cases and camera cases(for Sony Cybershot T Series)! We can now be all unique (I’ve seen too many laptop sleeves from Gin&Jacqie in my uni!)

    Although they make them ready made for only ipod stuff, but you can always customize it to the size of your laptop/notebook and your phones or even cameras!:)




    imgb02.jpg imgb07.jpg

     We just love stripes, florals, polka dots – it just makes our gadgets prettier than it already is, doesn’t it?

  • Question: Laptop Skins

    Question: Laptop Skins

    Author: Karenmarie   Someone wants to know……………..: Where do i get pretty laptop skins for my laptop in Malaysia (It was ME!, lol) I found out that: Tea & Sympathy Located in Bangsar is selling pretty laptop skins from It costs about RM49 each. They even have skins for Ipods, Nintendo DS lite, Razr […]