• Accessories For Big Girls

    Accessories For Big Girls

    Plus size women always find it challenging even when it comes to buying basic clothing for their daily use. Yes we have more options for these full-figured ladies but it has always been a battle trying to find the right cut and design that flatters their body type. While shopping for plus size clothing may […]

  • White Tops and Bright Bottoms

    White Tops and Bright Bottoms

    Author: Aphrodite   If there’s one type of item that’s one too many in my wardrobe, it’s got to be white blouses. T-shirts, tank tops, shirts, off-shoulders—you name it, I’ve got them all! I’ve so many that sometimes I find it difficult to find a specific top in a whole mountain of many. Plain white […]

  • Good Luck Deborah Henry!

    Good Luck Deborah Henry!

    It’s been far too long since Malaysia last made it to the semi finals of Miss Universe. The closest we got to the coveted title was when Joshapine Lena Wong made it to the semi finals and won the subsidiary title of Beauty Queen Expo way back in the 70s. So the expectations are very […]

  • The Top Knots Trend

    The Top Knots Trend

    Author: Aphrodite   Back in year 2009, we featured an article called Bun It Up! — from Taylor Swift with a wispy bun, Audrina Patridge with a side swept style, A Vera Wang french twist updo, Derek Lam’s bob styled bun and Jason Wu bun with bangs; we saw it all. Buns are always in, […]

  • The Tribe Has Spoken

    The Tribe Has Spoken

    One trend that seems to never go away and stick longer than it was expected to has to be the tribal mix. It started off with a few ikat print pieces from Gucci SS2010 collection and futuristic warrior-inspired pieces at Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquire from the same season. Dries Van Noten also set the tone […]

  • Scallop Trim, Anyone?

    Scallop Trim, Anyone?

    Author: Aphrodite   The first time I laid eyes on a scalloped piece, it was actually a vintage blouse; all feminine and pretty. Scallop collared blouses were big back then and everyone had to have at least one in their closets. After doing some research about this trend, clever nettle mentioned that: “Scalloped hemlines were […]

  • Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model!

    Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model!

    Author: Aphrodite   Last month, I wrote a piece called Get This: Eden Wood, Six-Year-Old Beauty Queen, Retires! and it was a story about, yes well…a six-year-old who had over 300 beauty queen titles!! Another child made headlines recently and stirred up some controversy; say hello to Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model. Her suggestive […]

  • Say Hello To Mullet Hemlines!

    Say Hello To Mullet Hemlines!

    Author: Aphrodite   What comes to mind when we say “mullet”? For me, it’s that atrocious picture of…oh you know, the hairstyle that is short at the front and sides, and long in the back. Common’ even Wikipedia says that the mullet hairstyle is “often ridiculed as a lowbrow and unappealing hairstyle”! A certain kinda […]

  • Fashionista Nostalgia: Retro Swimwear Is IN!

    Fashionista Nostalgia: Retro Swimwear Is IN!

    Author: MayLee What’s this we hear? Is risqué out and retro haute? Apparently, it is! News from Milan says that the retro trend that has influenced lingerie over the past two seasons has now moved on to – you guessed it! – swimwear. Apparently, the 2011 fashionista will lounge on the beach looking almost exactly […]

  • Weird Beauty Treatments You Would Never Have Guessed!

    Weird Beauty Treatments You Would Never Have Guessed!

    Author: Elise Over the years, beauty experts have veered away from the traditional products in search of random treatments that can cure our beauty woes. These treatments sound a little strange but are nevertheless, very effective. The best part? They’re loads cheaper than the store bought products that don’t work as well! Curious about what […]