• The Secret of Thai Beauties

    The Secret of Thai Beauties

      One of the comments I most hear from visitors to Thailand is how beautiful and youthful the local women are. Many have a noticeable radiance that is eye catching and attracts some admiration of their beauty. The famous Thai smile is known around the world for its semblance of beauty and serenity. So for […]

  • 5 Essential Facts on Sunblock You Absolutely Should Know Today!

    5 Essential Facts on Sunblock You Absolutely Should Know Today!

    It’s technically the beginning of summer if you come from a four season clime but we are all year round summer weather, but that does not mean that we can “pretend don’t know” because it could in the long run mean between mere skin pigmentation versus skin cancer. At about this time of the year, […]

  • How to Rock It In Summer Whites!

    How to Rock It In Summer Whites!

    White is a colour  that both looks and is  cooling and an ubiquitous under layer basics like black at least where tanks and shirts are concerned. But white as a primary piece on an outfit can go a long way these days- looking like a doctor or hospital nurse should not be  a concern especially […]

  • Enchanting Batik for Hijabista

    Enchanting Batik for Hijabista

    The Association of Muslim Apparel, Entrepreneurs & Designer Malaysia (AMAED) in collaboration with Kraftangan Malaysia recently organized a successful three-day fashion show. With the aim of promoting our world renowned local batik, the fashion show also focuses on the concept of modest dressing. Perfect for all of you trendy “hijabistas” out there. 16 local labels […]

  • Look Good Even BEFORE You Start That Workout!

    Look Good Even BEFORE You Start That Workout!

    Author: Maylee   It’s all well and good to say that going to the gym will make you look good, but what if you want to look good while going to the gym?? First things first: we get your outfit sorted out. Aviva Active Strap Top: RM59.90 Talk about functional fashion: Sleeveless tops make it […]

  • How To Wear: Feather Earrings

    How To Wear: Feather Earrings

    Author: Lavender   We’ve been seeing feathers just about everywhere lately, as earrings, necklaces, bag charms, etc. Feathers are even being woven into hair as extensions! It’s no surprise of course, they’re beautiful, feminine and fun. One of my favorite way to incorporate feathers into my look is with gorgeous, dangling feather earrings. Here are […]

  • Denim + Leather

    Denim + Leather

    Author: Aphrodite   Just last Friday, I shared with you a little something something about the Denim Jacket & Floral Dress Combo!… and today we still have some denim lovin’ going on. This time, it’s about how the classic denim shirt is paired up with anything on leather. As blacksandbrights put it: “shorts, pants, jackets, […]

  • Style Star: Rachel Zoe

    Style Star: Rachel Zoe

    Imagine living the lifestyle of the rich and famous with your own personal stylist and shopping assistant. Wouldn’t it be awesome? Now imagine being styled by mother of all Hollywood stylists Rachel Zoe. I can hear a lot of OMGs from here. Rachel Zoe has been in the business for quite sometimes now, styling the […]

  • Matching Makeup

    Matching Makeup

    Author: Lavender As summer turns to fall, the runways are walked once again, setting the beauty and fashion trends for the upcoming months. One fascinating new trend on the runways these days are matching makeup! Whether it’s eyes that match lips, lips that match cheeks or anything of the sort. This may sound boring because […]