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  • Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model!

    Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model!

    Author: Aphrodite   Last month, I wrote a piece called Get This: Eden Wood, Six-Year-Old Beauty Queen, Retires! and it was a story about, yes well…a six-year-old who had over 300 beauty queen titles!! Another child made headlines recently and stirred up some controversy; say hello to Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-Year-Old Model. Her suggestive […]

  • Weird Beauty Treatments You Would Never Have Guessed!

    Weird Beauty Treatments You Would Never Have Guessed!

    Author: Elise Over the years, beauty experts have veered away from the traditional products in search of random treatments that can cure our beauty woes. These treatments sound a little strange but are nevertheless, very effective. The best part? They’re loads cheaper than the store bought products that don’t work as well! Curious about what […]

  • Treating Acne!

    Treating Acne!

    Author: Lavender   Makeup is great and certainly very helpful in concealing imperfections, but wouldn’t it be better if we had fewer imperfections to cover up in the first place? That’s why treating acne is so much more important than concealing it. Here are 7 skin care tips for clearer skin! 1. Don’t Overcleanse A […]

  • Kitchen Cosmetics

    Kitchen Cosmetics

    Author: Lavender   Every week, us girls spend a fortune on numerous types of beauty products, from face packs to make-up brush cleaners. Believe it or not, they add up to quite an alarming figure! So here’s a list of healthy, natural ingredients from you kitchen that can be used for all sorts of beauty […]

  • Emm-a-man: Hair-Raising Moments of 2010

    Emm-a-man: Hair-Raising Moments of 2010

    Author: Hannef We have featured a few career changing haircuts in one of our articles not too long ago. And we have to say that we are still a little bit hair-crazy here at Emmagem. But think about it. Isn’t it interesting how even in real life each time we want to reinvent or change ourselves; the […]

  • Lip Gloss Test

    Lip Gloss Test

    Lip glosses are all the rage this season. emmagem went out to test two highly recognizable brands in town. emmagem’s choice of this month, Kate’s liquid rouge from Japan  and Stila’s It Gloss.


    Designers and makeup artist around the world has been raving and promoting lip glosses the last couple of years ever since the nude, au natural look made it’s presence in make up. Previously used as a top coat over lipstick, these days glosses stand alone in full glory against a girl’s lips making them more luscious and letting the lips make a statement by themselves. The beauty about glosses or liquid rouge is that it is easy to use, doesn’t look too heavily put on and gives a youthful fuller impression of the lips. The word kissable instinctively comes to mind.

    emmagem sat a few friends down to try out both glosses and here’s what they had to say.