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  • Kitchen Remedies For Beautiful Skin

    Kitchen Remedies For Beautiful Skin

    This weekend, treat yourself to a yummy DIY facial at home. Let’s take a look at what we can find in the kitchen that will help improve your complexion. Emmagem asked these creative ladies for some tips on what to use.   Plain Yogurt   Recommended by: Ryoko Iwase, student I’ve been using plain yogurt […]

  • Low-Profile Japanese Beauty Brands

    Low-Profile Japanese Beauty Brands

    The land of the rising sun isn’t just known for its sushi and sakura flowers. Japan is also one of the largest producer of cosmetics and skincare in the world, and rightfully so, we think. Japanese girls seem to have beauty down pat, with their flawless, milky-white skin and perfectly coiffed hair (which makes us […]

  • The Professional’s Guide To Old-Hollywood Makeup

    The Professional’s Guide To Old-Hollywood Makeup

    Makeup is such a baffling subject. It looks pretty in the tube or in the compact, until we put it on and realize with a shock (after shocking others) that we have no idea how makeup really works, especially with red lips and black eyeliner. Emmagem sought the expertise of MAC Senior Artist, Haritha Shan, […]

  • Nifty Beauty Tools You’ll Love

    Nifty Beauty Tools You’ll Love

    Every girl needs a bit of help in the beauty department, and by help we mean creative tools that make the task of looking pretty much, much easier. Here are some of our fave picks, and get this: they’re ALL available in Malaysia! Magnetic 3-in-1 Eye Makeup Brush An eyeliner brush, blending brush and angled […]

  • Scent Attraction: Single-Note Perfumes

    Scent Attraction: Single-Note Perfumes

    As a lover of all things beauty-related, I can never say no to perfumes. My love story with fragrances goes back more than 10 years when I got my first-ever bottle of perfume, Givenchy Only, from my parents (unfortunately for me, one day I dropped the bottle and it smashed into smithereens – I was depressed for a […]

  • New York Fashion Week Hairstyles Reinterpreted!

    New York Fashion Week Hairstyles Reinterpreted!

    New York Fashion Week (NYFW) showcased Spring 2013 collections from top designers from 6th to 13th September, but we still can’t get enough of how pretty the hairstyles were! We’ve reinterpreted three of our favourites into more wearable styles which take mere minutes to recreate. And we’re telling you from personal experience – we’ve tried them, […]

  • The Secret of Thai Beauties

    The Secret of Thai Beauties

      One of the comments I most hear from visitors to Thailand is how beautiful and youthful the local women are. Many have a noticeable radiance that is eye catching and attracts some admiration of their beauty. The famous Thai smile is known around the world for its semblance of beauty and serenity. So for […]

  • 5 Essential Facts on Sunblock You Absolutely Should Know Today!

    5 Essential Facts on Sunblock You Absolutely Should Know Today!

    It’s technically the beginning of summer if you come from a four season clime but we are all year round summer weather, but that does not mean that we can “pretend don’t know” because it could in the long run mean between mere skin pigmentation versus skin cancer. At about this time of the year, […]

  • Matching Makeup

    Matching Makeup

    Author: Lavender As summer turns to fall, the runways are walked once again, setting the beauty and fashion trends for the upcoming months. One fascinating new trend on the runways these days are matching makeup! Whether it’s eyes that match lips, lips that match cheeks or anything of the sort. This may sound boring because […]

  • The Top Knots Trend

    The Top Knots Trend

    Author: Aphrodite   Back in year 2009, we featured an article called Bun It Up! — from Taylor Swift with a wispy bun, Audrina Patridge with a side swept style, A Vera Wang french twist updo, Derek Lam’s bob styled bun and Jason Wu bun with bangs; we saw it all. Buns are always in, […]