• The Secret of Thai Beauties

    The Secret of Thai Beauties

      One of the comments I most hear from visitors to Thailand is how beautiful and youthful the local women are. Many have a noticeable radiance that is eye catching and attracts some admiration of their beauty. The famous Thai smile is known around the world for its semblance of beauty and serenity. So for […]

  • Holiday Home Safety Tips

    Holiday Home Safety Tips

    Chinese New Year is here and most of the city populations will be away for the long break. We are all very festive and more than excited to finally get together with our friends and relatives. Festive season is one of those rare opportunities to get away from the city and the usual nine-to-five routine. But […]

  • Making the Most of Your Travels

    Making the Most of Your Travels

    Author: Lavender   Let’s face it, vacations don’t come easy. Saving up the money to be able to afford it is one thing, but finding time out of your busy schedule is just as hard. So when you’re traveling, you really want to make full use of your time and resources! Here are a few […]

  • Packing for Long Plane Rides

    Packing for Long Plane Rides

    Author: Lavender   Long plane rides are tiresome. There’s so much more to consider when packing your carry on luggage! You need to pack for comfort, entertainment and not to mention dry plane conditions that can wreck havoc on your skin! If you need a little help, here’s Emmagem’s guide on packing for the plane. […]

  • Stay Safe While Travelling

    Stay Safe While Travelling

    Author: Elise   In the midst of all the excitement of getting ready to go off on holiday, how many of us actually remember to take the necessary precautions to ensure that we are safe? Have you? Travelling and going off on holiday, especially for an overseas holiday, may be a thrilling and exciting prospect, […]

  • Penang Travel Guide: Exploring the Pearl of the Orient

    Penang Travel Guide: Exploring the Pearl of the Orient

    Author: Lavender   Known as the pearl of the orient, lovely Penang is one of the top 10 must visit islands of the world according to Yahoo! Which is great news for us Malaysians because it’s right here in our very own country! In this travel guide, I’ll take you around the beautiful island. There’s […]

  • Getaway: Morib, Banting

    Getaway: Morib, Banting

    Author: Lavender    As an avid short-distance traveller (simply because I don’t always have the time or the funds to travel further), I am constantly in search of new and interesting places to visit within driving distance. So for all you beach lovers out there, here’s a nice quiet one that’s still within the state […]

  • Port Dickson – Something for Everyone!

    Port Dickson – Something for Everyone!

    The lovely little town of Port Dickson have always been a favorite spot for KL-ians in need of a short break. With good reason, of course! It’s convenient (barely 2 hours drive away), affordable and has something for just about everyone! For the Outdoorsman- Eagle Ranch For those who love outdoor activities and a bit […]

  • Malacca in a New Light

    Malacca in a New Light

    We all love vacations and getaways, but are often unable to go anywhere far and exotic due to our busy schedules. Which is why I love traveling locally! Believe it or not, the little local places we are familiar with and often take for granted actually make lovely day trips or weekend vacation spots! One […]

  • Take Me On A Mini Getaway!

    Take Me On A Mini Getaway!

    Author: Lindsay   2009 was not a great year for me. Thank God it’s over. I don’t know about others, but mine was all about running around juggling different things at one time. So that is the reason why I decided to kick start my 2010 with a bang: a very elaborate New Year’s Eve […]