• Is Chivalry Dead?

    Is Chivalry Dead?

      I asked the question today to one of the smartest, most independent, most capable women I know. “In Malaysia, close to dying” she replied. Sad isn’t it? Have men in this country forgotten how to be gentlemen? Feminism vs Chivalry So I looked it up. There’s a surprisingly large number of articles on the […]

  • Aaron and Before The World Ends

    Aaron and Before The World Ends

    Author: Aaron Tang If the Mayans got it right, the world will end next Friday, 21st December 2012. That just gives us a few days before the (supposed) end of the world. Really got me thinking about how I’d spend these last days, and here are some of my thoughts. Firstly, I’ve already booked my […]

  • The Chooser and The Chosen

    The Chooser and The Chosen

    By: Aaron Tang I was watching “The Bachelor” today. For those of you who have better things to do on weekday nights, it’s a reality show in which a number of women vie for the romantic affections of an eligible bachelor. Women are ‘eliminated’ every week, until the Bachelor finally decides on the winner of […]

  • Investing In A Relationship

    Investing In A Relationship

      By: Aaron Ever been to a day-time Chinese wedding ceremony? Nope, not the lavish wedding dinners with 10-course meals and fake shark’s fin soup. Rather, the ceremony in the morning where the bridesmaids make the groom and his entourage go through certain obstacles, before he gets to the bride. In case you’ve never been […]

  • How to Get Your Guy A Good Gift

    How to Get Your Guy A Good Gift

    Did you realize its reaching the end of October already? As the year comes to a close, working stress and exams are soon going to be ushered out – replaced by festivals, year end holidays and vacations. What better time to write a how-to on getting gifts, right?   For the purposes of this article, […]

  • The Low Down on Men: 16 Crucial FAQs You Got Answered

    The Low Down on Men: 16 Crucial FAQs You Got Answered

      1) Why are men obsessed with looks?   It’s biological – we’re visual creatures, attracted to feminine women displaying signs of being highly fertile (a.k.a hotness). Actually, we’re not as obsessed with looking good as much as women are though. So it actually works out well – you do the dressing up, we’ll do […]

  • Letting Yourself Go After A Relationship?

    Letting Yourself Go After A Relationship?

    Author: Elise   Have you let yourself go once you’re comfortably settled in a relationship or married? If so, why is that? It’s a curious thing as to why most women (not all) tend to let themselves go, especially after they’ve gotten married. And by letting themselves go, I mean they don’t take the effort […]