• Dealing With His Friends

    Dealing With His Friends

    Author: Elise   You love your man to bits and pieces, you want to spend every minute with him and you can’t imagine him not being in your life. But his friends…..are a different matter altogether. All of us at some point have been in the situation where we don’t necessarily like or get along […]

  • Ask Aaron: The Ladies’ Edition

    Ask Aaron: The Ladies’ Edition

    By Aaron   Dear Aaron,   How do I know the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now? -lady-     Greetings lady, For some reason I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you girls recently. Wonder why you girls like emailing me so much… not complaining though… Terms commonly found in the […]

  • Kissing: When And Where Is It Acceptable?

    Kissing: When And Where Is It Acceptable?

    Author: MayLee   They say the first impression is the most lasting. That’s why when you cross cultural borders, it’s just that much easier to make a slip-up that may or may not haunt you forever, depending on how many witnesses there were! Greetings, for example. In Malaysia alone, some people salam, some shake hands, […]

  • Internet Savvy: Online Dating?

    Internet Savvy: Online Dating?

    Author: MayLee   Dating over the internet: Good idea? Internet dating has always had some sort of social stigma attached to them: “What, you can’t get a man in real life?” comments have been uttered quite frequently, not to mention the very real possibility of unwittingly divulging all sorts of information to conmen and/or murderers/human […]

  • Can Love Get Us Sick?

    Can Love Get Us Sick?

    The whole idea about relationship is tough enough as it is. Getting into it, making it work and maintaining the relationship are some of the things that take up a lot of time and energy. It’s always about trust and forgiveness among other things. But what happens when it has to end? All the efforts […]

  • Mother-In-Law’s E-mail to ‘Bad Mannered’ Future Bride Goes Viral!

    Mother-In-Law’s E-mail to ‘Bad Mannered’ Future Bride Goes Viral!

    Author: Aphrodite   We’ve all heard loads of mother-in-law horror stories, some witnessed right before our eyes and some first-hand experiences too. But what happens when a mother-in-law horror story goes viral??? Carolyn Bourne’s emails to her future daughter-in-law Heidi Withers recently spread like wildfire online, making catchy headlines all over the world! We’re gonna […]

  • Too Much Information!

    Too Much Information!

    Author: Karenmarie

    Phone conversation:
    AC: Good Afternoon!
    Me: Hi
    AC: Would you like to do a Public Opinion Poll?

    Me: huh?
    AC: Public Opinion Polls are phone interviews. We get random numbers from your tel-co provider and we call you to do a survey. We will reward you prepaid credit for your time.
    Me: (being a typical freebie lover) SURE!:)

    This was one of the many calls that I’ve received. These Public Opinion Polls callers are calling us to get information out of consumers and what information do they want?

    Intimate Sex Details!

  • Make Your Wedding Dinner Unboring!

    Make Your Wedding Dinner Unboring!

    Author: Justin Wong

    Picture courtesy of fc02

    Picture yourself at your cousin’s wedding dinner; was there anything that interested you besides the possibility of the food being good or the company of your relatives? Face it: you attend any wedding dinner you’re invited to not to be entertained. I’m not saying they’re always boring, but there are always the little things that they can do to bring it up a notch. Here are the steps to ensure that YOUR wedding dinner has a little more zest.

  • 10 Ways for A Man to Impress

    10 Ways for A Man to Impress

    It is a known fact these days that gay men are better dressed and groomed than their straight counter parts. But is it a lost cause and does dressing play a part in a courtship and career? Yes, according to a survey by Gillette last year (as published by the STAR) , 83% women found well groomed men more attractive, have better chance of getting a girl¡¯s attention and 85% employers are likelier to promote their smarter looking employees. Are these reasons enough?

    When we say dressing, we don¡¯t mean Armani suits, well why not, but make sure it fits you well. What we are really looking for is neat looking, presentable and most importantly will NOT embarrass us in front of family and friends.

    So here are 10 how to tips for you to dress properly to impress: