• Smoothie


    “Smoothee” or “Smoothie” What is smoothie? Generally, it is something where all ingredients are blended together, becoming a delicious beverage. Depending on what you toss into the blender, smoothie can be a meal substitute for those weight watchers too. I thought about making smoothie this week, after something reminded me of the time I spent […]

  • Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    As promised in a few articles ago (PASTA 101), I’ll share with you a pasta recipe. The name of this pasta “Conchiglie alle cime di rapa” may sound intimidating to you (and mouthful), it is actually a fast, and tasty dish from Bari on the Southern Coast of Italy. It can be called also “Conchiglie […]

  • The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    For those with sweet tooth, this is a “can’t-mess-up” brownie recipe for your collection. Why do I say that it is a failure-proof version of brownie? I love brownies. Over the years, I have been collecting a few of these brownies recipes myself and the one that I am sharing with you here is a […]

  • What a Tart!

    What a Tart!

    A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl recently. She called me a few days before her baby shower, saying: “Adam, what do you think I can serve for the guests? Please think of something not too troublesome (she is busy with the baby I guess) and I hope it is some sort […]

  • A Corny Story

    A Corny Story

    Remember in the previous week I have bought some corn from Cameron Highland, which I promised to share a recipe with you? In this post, I will show you how I transformed fresh corn on a cob from my fridge to become a fulfilling appetizer for the dining table. I hope the soup does not […]

  • Food in Phuket

    Food in Phuket

    As I stagger in exhaustion around Sinbi- Muay tai gym, my limbs  feeling like jelly and my brain is screaming ‘FOOD…URGENTLY NEEDED!’ . Plowing my way through Thai ‘street food’ in Phuket and some not so original ‘farang’ (Thai slang for Caucasian) inspired dishes to assuage my hunger. I observe that Thai food here is […]

  • Pour Homme

    Pour Homme

    No, I am not talking about man’s fragrance here. Well, Father’s Day is in 2 weeks time, a day which I think is created to be fair to the ‘Almighty of the family’ so they don’t  feel neglected by the children. After all Mother’s Day is much talked about,  promoted and it is celebrated a […]

  • Pasta 1O1

    Pasta 1O1

    When I was in 7th grade, I started helping my mother with simple chores in the kitchen. Despite being a full-time staff in a hospital and working in different shift, she always provided home cooked meals for us. One of the staples served on our dining table would definitely be pasta. I would watch in […]

  • What To Bring To A Beach Vacation?

    What To Bring To A Beach Vacation?

    Author: Karenmarie The perfect holiday would be the ones that are planned in advance. I mean, I do believe in the spontaneity thing, where you just go with the flow, but without proper planning of what to do, where to eat and especially what to wear, we’ll end up wasting a lot of time and […]

  • Bali – A surreal Experience

    Bali – A surreal Experience

    It was 1055am  4th April 2007, when I boarded AK900 Air Asia flight bound for Bali…but not after a minor exciting altercation with a potential albeit unreasonable “new” client and countless of other last minutes business “matters” to settle with before enjoying a trip much needed and already once cancelled due to my work commitments. So…finally, off we soared through the airspace to reach the Bali of my dreams from my Big Blue Marble days.

    A sigh of relief, but not yet, it would seem, my inaugural flight experience with Air Asia, will be a bit of a culture shock…it was a flight full with holiday makers and there was a moment of anxiety, what if there were no more seats left, it sure seemed that way as we make our way down the aisle. The crew just stood by the wayside whilst passengers scurry down the narrow aisle scrambling for seats, okay, that was the deal; we pay low fares and we do most of the work ourselves. We finally got our seats after deciding that the smart decision will be to split up. But an incident with the crew made me rethink  the low fare deal. Yesterday (one week after our return), Mr Tony Fernandez said Air Asia wants to play big league and in the international arena, which is why he associates Air Asia with Manchester United and also with F1. He is also glad that of late Datuks and ‘hotshots’ have also seen the value of Air Asia and have begun taking Air Asia flights. But my little incident with the crew members made me wonder if the corporate direction of the company is understood by the entire organisation. I write out of concern for Air Asia as Air Asia to me epitomises a corporate branding and business success worthy of certain national pride. The tag line “Now everybody can fly’ literally meant that the corporate direction is that all social class, creed and race can now fly, which means that unlike past glory days of serving in the air, it is not just for the elite and educated but everyone. My encounter with two rude crews shrieking to me about not switching off my hand phone as I was finishing a last SMS (guilty) is not to me good customer service by any standards. I am sure that the crew has to deal with all types of people and it is probably a real “pain” sometimes. But they need to learn respect for their profession and for me to pointedly tell off stewardess and steward to say “please” in their request, which I understand is their job is definitely a first. They need to learn to handle customers better and not come with judgement that because they pay cheap fares they can be treated as second rate.