• Quit Making Excuses Not To Exercise!

    Quit Making Excuses Not To Exercise!

    Author: Elise   Do you find yourself making excuses NOT to work out? You’re too tired, too busy, don’t feel like doing it today, maybe you’ll start next week etc. Here’s the thing you need to do – quite making excuses! If you keep making excuses, you’re never going to get started. We know everyone […]

  • Work Those Legs!

    Work Those Legs!

    Author: Elise   Your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body. And they’re also the most used muscle group in the body too. Every day we rely on our legs to get us from here to there am I right?  So it is only right that you should want to keep your legs […]

  • Goodbye Fat!

    Goodbye Fat!

    Author: Elise   Let’s face it, the main reason that most of us exercise (if we exercise at all that is) is to lose weight – by which we mean lose fat so that we look slimmer and better in our clothes. How often do we actually say that we want to lose weight because […]

  • How To Stick To Your Diet While On Vacation

    How To Stick To Your Diet While On Vacation

    Author: Elise   Sticking to your diet and weight loss plans is hard enough, but it becomes even harder during the holiday and festive seasons. Especially when you’re surrounded by good food left, right, front and center! During the festive seasons, it is all about eating, eating and more eating. And when on vacation, it […]

  • Get Your Weight Loss Facts Right

    Get Your Weight Loss Facts Right

    Author: Elise   Skipping meals in hopes of losing weight? You’re probably not the only one to do so. A lot of people are under the misconception that if you skip meals, you can lose the weight that you want quickly and effectively. But then, they get frustrated when they go off the diet and […]

  • Best Arm Workouts

    Best Arm Workouts

    Author: Elise   If you’re going to wear sleeveless tops, you better make sure your arms are toned and firm. Let’s face it, that’s the only way it is going to look good right? Everyone wants to look good in their sleeveless, spaghetti strap or tube tops, and apart from doing your cardio exercises, you […]

  • Weight & Reproduction

    Weight & Reproduction

    Author: Dr Sharad Ratna         Staying ahead in women’s health and lifestyle’ ‘Are you an orange or a pear?’     We are what we eat Globalisation, urbanization and changing attitudes in Asia has led to the adoption of a western lifestyle and diet. We rather ride in a car or take […]

  • How Much Do You Know About Cervical Cancer?

    How Much Do You Know About Cervical Cancer?

    Author: Dr Sharad Ratna ‘Staying ahead in women’s health and lifestyle’            ‘How much do you know about cervical cancer?’   What you should know about cervical screening and cervical cancer……..   Common facts about cervical cancer Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide, (after breast cancer) and the second most common […]

  • Ditching The Holiday Weight

    Ditching The Holiday Weight

    Author: Elise   If there was ever time where we put on excess weight, it is always at the end and the beginning of the year. With Christmas, New Year’s and now the Chinese New Year festival coming up, admit it, you have been feeling guilty about all that over eating haven’t you? Somehow all […]

  • Healthy Eating Tips!

    Healthy Eating Tips!

    Author: Lavender   We all know the benefits of eating healthy and getting enough nutrition. Sadly, time constraints like classes at lunch time or just plain lack of attention to nutrition often causes us to maintain an unhealthy diet of way too much sugar, salt and fats and not enough fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. […]