• A Corny Story

    A Corny Story

    Remember in the previous week I have bought some corn from Cameron Highland, which I promised to share a recipe with you? In this post, I will show you how I transformed fresh corn on a cob from my fridge to become a fulfilling appetizer for the dining table. I hope the soup does not […]

  • Food in Phuket

    Food in Phuket

    As I stagger in exhaustion around Sinbi- Muay tai gym, my limbs  feeling like jelly and my brain is screaming ‘FOOD…URGENTLY NEEDED!’ . Plowing my way through Thai ‘street food’ in Phuket and some not so original ‘farang’ (Thai slang for Caucasian) inspired dishes to assuage my hunger. I observe that Thai food here is […]

  • Pour Homme

    Pour Homme

    No, I am not talking about man’s fragrance here. Well, Father’s Day is in 2 weeks time, a day which I think is created to be fair to the ‘Almighty of the family’ so they don’t  feel neglected by the children. After all Mother’s Day is much talked about,  promoted and it is celebrated a […]

  • Pasta 1O1

    Pasta 1O1

    When I was in 7th grade, I started helping my mother with simple chores in the kitchen. Despite being a full-time staff in a hospital and working in different shift, she always provided home cooked meals for us. One of the staples served on our dining table would definitely be pasta. I would watch in […]