• Marmalade


    No scone would be complete without this condiment. I have seen a few posts about grape jam making from the Emmagem reader, Ann. Grape jam sounds lovely and I can’t say that I have tried it myself. Perhaps Ann would share with us soon?  As you know, self-made grape jam is a fruit preserve. Preserve […]

  • Old Fashion English Scones

    Old Fashion English Scones

    Who would think that it is an art in making scones right? Scone, made from only a handful of different ingredients can be challenging and complicated to do. I have been making scone for the best part or 18 years, started out in my home town then progressed from there. Scone has always been one […]

  • Cheese Cake – Cheap Skate

    Cheese Cake – Cheap Skate

    We all know that tasty (and sinful) food is always loaded with  calories. Cheese cake shares the same philosophy too. I think cheese cake is a popular cake much preferred by the ladies. Yes, absolutely scrumptious but you may be start calculating how many laps you have to run to shake off the calories before […]

  • Chicken Broth – Amber Nectar

    Chicken Broth – Amber Nectar

      No, I am not talking about some flowers here. I’m referring to a rich, clear stock or broth. Seriously, how many people will be bothered to do their own stock for their dishes at home today? Not many, I suppose?  After all, there is much easier option of adding stock in cubes and from […]

  • Curry Up

    Curry Up

    The weather in Malaysia is scorching hot lately. We had a smoothie recipe last week, which I think is the champion to beat those hot afternoons. This week, I will go a little bit more extreme. Why don’t we get fired up with a curry? I have not posted any local cuisine on so […]

  • Smoothie


    “Smoothee” or “Smoothie” What is smoothie? Generally, it is something where all ingredients are blended together, becoming a delicious beverage. Depending on what you toss into the blender, smoothie can be a meal substitute for those weight watchers too. I thought about making smoothie this week, after something reminded me of the time I spent […]

  • Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    As promised in a few articles ago (PASTA 101), I’ll share with you a pasta recipe. The name of this pasta “Conchiglie alle cime di rapa” may sound intimidating to you (and mouthful), it is actually a fast, and tasty dish from Bari on the Southern Coast of Italy. It can be called also “Conchiglie […]

  • The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    For those with sweet tooth, this is a “can’t-mess-up” brownie recipe for your collection. Why do I say that it is a failure-proof version of brownie? I love brownies. Over the years, I have been collecting a few of these brownies recipes myself and the one that I am sharing with you here is a […]

  • What a Tart!

    What a Tart!

    A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl recently. She called me a few days before her baby shower, saying: “Adam, what do you think I can serve for the guests? Please think of something not too troublesome (she is busy with the baby I guess) and I hope it is some sort […]

  • A Corny Story

    A Corny Story

    Remember in the previous week I have bought some corn from Cameron Highland, which I promised to share a recipe with you? In this post, I will show you how I transformed fresh corn on a cob from my fridge to become a fulfilling appetizer for the dining table. I hope the soup does not […]