• Deepavali Eternal Delight

    Deepavali Eternal Delight

    Deepavali Delight This time of the year which it’s an Indian celebration, As the name of this festival suggests ‘Deepavali’, the meaning of this festival lies in its name only; The festival of lights and the victory of good over evil. Celebration equals to tempting food! Most friends I visited have coaxed me to indulge […]

  • Marmalade


    No scone would be complete without this condiment. I have seen a few posts about grape jam making from the Emmagem reader, Ann. Grape jam sounds lovely and I can’t say that I have tried it myself. Perhaps Ann would share with us soon?  As you know, self-made grape jam is a fruit preserve. Preserve […]

  • Old Fashion English Scones

    Old Fashion English Scones

    Who would think that it is an art in making scones right? Scone, made from only a handful of different ingredients can be challenging and complicated to do. I have been making scone for the best part or 18 years, started out in my home town then progressed from there. Scone has always been one […]

  • Cheese Cake – Cheap Skate

    Cheese Cake – Cheap Skate

    We all know that tasty (and sinful) food is always loaded with  calories. Cheese cake shares the same philosophy too. I think cheese cake is a popular cake much preferred by the ladies. Yes, absolutely scrumptious but you may be start calculating how many laps you have to run to shake off the calories before […]

  • Chicken Broth – Amber Nectar

    Chicken Broth – Amber Nectar

      No, I am not talking about some flowers here. I’m referring to a rich, clear stock or broth. Seriously, how many people will be bothered to do their own stock for their dishes at home today? Not many, I suppose?  After all, there is much easier option of adding stock in cubes and from […]

  • Curry Up

    Curry Up

    The weather in Malaysia is scorching hot lately. We had a smoothie recipe last week, which I think is the champion to beat those hot afternoons. This week, I will go a little bit more extreme. Why don’t we get fired up with a curry? I have not posted any local cuisine on so […]

  • Smoothie


    “Smoothee” or “Smoothie” What is smoothie? Generally, it is something where all ingredients are blended together, becoming a delicious beverage. Depending on what you toss into the blender, smoothie can be a meal substitute for those weight watchers too. I thought about making smoothie this week, after something reminded me of the time I spent […]

  • Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    Not Your Average Pasta Recipe!

    As promised in a few articles ago (PASTA 101), I’ll share with you a pasta recipe. The name of this pasta “Conchiglie alle cime di rapa” may sound intimidating to you (and mouthful), it is actually a fast, and tasty dish from Bari on the Southern Coast of Italy. It can be called also “Conchiglie […]

  • The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    The Best-est Chocolate Brownies

    For those with sweet tooth, this is a “can’t-mess-up” brownie recipe for your collection. Why do I say that it is a failure-proof version of brownie? I love brownies. Over the years, I have been collecting a few of these brownies recipes myself and the one that I am sharing with you here is a […]

  • What a Tart!

    What a Tart!

    A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl recently. She called me a few days before her baby shower, saying: “Adam, what do you think I can serve for the guests? Please think of something not too troublesome (she is busy with the baby I guess) and I hope it is some sort […]