• To Die For Home-made Nutella

    To Die For Home-made Nutella

      Ever get caught spooning Nutella right from the jar…with your finger? You are definitely not alone. There are millions of people out there, guilty as you! Fans of Nutella have declared that Feb 5th is World Nutella Day. Before you rush to the stores to get jars of Nutella to join the celebration, you can […]

  • The Professional’s Guide to: Coffee Basics

    The Professional’s Guide to: Coffee Basics

    It’s no secret that we Malaysians love our coffee. From old-fashioned kopitiam goodness to the latest trend in town, specialty coffee, it’s customary to enjoy a cuppa anytime of the day (though we’re partial to having one after meals to end the day on an aromatic note). Emmagem met Hoo-Yin Leong, founder and head coffee […]

  • Going Bananas

    Going Bananas

    Banana, a yellow tropical fruit that I think is a signature in Malaysians’ savoury and sweet. How inseparable banana is from the local’s food? Well, morning is nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves, banana flowers can be seen on your lunch plate with pengat pisang in your desert bowl; high tea with pisang-goreng (or goreng-pisang?) […]

  • The Art of Risotto

    The Art of Risotto

    Risotto is a classic cooking method exclusively from the Italian Culinary Art and brought around the world in the most exclusive restaurants. The consistency of a good risotto varies from regional preparations (slightly liquid, creamy, dry) , but the cooking method never change: after a short stirring time, it needs to add little by little […]

  • Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta

    They say the month of April till August is a good time to go on vacation to Malaysian islands as the weather is usually dry, sunny and more predictable for travelling.But not forgetting, scorching hot too. For this reason, I went to the Cameron Highlands on Wesak Day to enjoy the cool weather there. It […]

  • Tiramisu – Hari Raya Version

    Tiramisu – Hari Raya Version

    I can’t deny that if you put tiramisu on the dessert menu, it would be the most popular choice among the ladies. Have many of the tiramisu fans know or even wondered what does ‘tiramisu‘ literally mean? Tiramisu means “pick me up” or “pull me up”. Its meaning is actually referring to the effects of the […]

  • Cintan Nutri Noodles- A bowlful of Nutri-tion

    Cintan Nutri Noodles- A bowlful of Nutri-tion

    Mr Owen Ow, standing proud with the Cintan Nutri Noodles Cintan Noodles once again , is leading the instant noodle market  by launching its Cintan Nutri Noodles last Thursday. Describing its as a green field and the playing field is up to anyone’s guess. As Mr Owen Ow, the Managing Director and CEO of Yeo […]

  • Fast & Easy Baked Burg-etti

    Fast & Easy Baked Burg-etti

    Couple of days ago my Mom visited me and she made me her super special spaghetti sauce – made of pure tomatoes, minced beef, soya beans, mushroom, and Italian spices which is basil and oregano (she never uses tomato sauce in her spaghetti sauce, ‘because it doesn’t give a real authentic taste!’, she said). So, […]

  • Fast & Easy Home-Made Baked Potato Skin

    Fast & Easy Home-Made Baked Potato Skin

    Hi Ladies! Neither chef nor mom, we’re just  busy young women who love to steal a bit of our free time to do some simple dishes at home… and we’d love to share you the recipe notes – which you could easily try at home! This menu will be the one we call ‘baked potato […]

  • My Culinary Journey: The Beginning

    My Culinary Journey: The Beginning

    Editor’s note: Hi Emmagem readers! Welcome to our new column, My Culinary Journey, where food lover Phantiwa Kongsiri shares her journey of life, discovery and more through the magic of food. Enjoy and be inspired! I was seven when I started to help my grandmother cook, in a small jungle village in Isan, located in […]