• Of Desperation, Duty and Dreams

    Of Desperation, Duty and Dreams

    Author: Melody Song

    I am at the very tail-end of my study stint at university, and will walk away soon with a qualification many only dream of. This final stretch of my journey has also brought with it a spate of worries, mostly on my part, of job prospects, the quandary of whether to even work in the first place or continue studying, and obtaining finances to repay my Mount Everest of debt.

    These last few months have not been easy. It is a time when I needed to be most self-assured, and have unwavering faith in my own capabilities and strengths; and yet, all this has seemed to desert me. I am now reduced to a blithering fool who is not only incredibly fickle-minded, but also a person who is no longer sure of what she wants to do.

  • Manglish


    Author: Miss Vintage

    One day, David the Englishman and Ah Keong the Malaysian were having lunch together. Both were drinking from bowls of soup when they spotted a fly in David’s soup. David beckoned to a waiter.

    David: “Pardon me, old chap, but I seem to have an insect in my chowder. Would you be so kind as to pass the chef my request of another bowl?”

    As David got his soup, Ah Keong then found a fly in his instead. He then beckoned to the same waiter.

    Ah Keong: “Oi,got fly la!”

    Does Ah Keong remind you of someone? Perhaps it could be someone you are very familiar with, a friend of someone you know, or it could even be yourself. Or it could be everyone you know! Why? Simply because Ah Keong speaks the mother tongue (as some may call it) of Malaysians- Manglish. Some may argue that the native language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia, or some say it is English, but when most, if not all of us speak this version of language, call it whatever you please, surely it has reached a status of being more than just a dialect, or slang, or jargon. Just take a look at the origins of the name itself- “Manglish” is simply a combined word from Malaysian English.

  • 10 Ways for A Man to Impress

    10 Ways for A Man to Impress

    It is a known fact these days that gay men are better dressed and groomed than their straight counter parts. But is it a lost cause and does dressing play a part in a courtship and career? Yes, according to a survey by Gillette last year (as published by the STAR) , 83% women found well groomed men more attractive, have better chance of getting a girl¡¯s attention and 85% employers are likelier to promote their smarter looking employees. Are these reasons enough?

    When we say dressing, we don¡¯t mean Armani suits, well why not, but make sure it fits you well. What we are really looking for is neat looking, presentable and most importantly will NOT embarrass us in front of family and friends.

    So here are 10 how to tips for you to dress properly to impress:

  • Nightmare Taxi Rides

    Nightmare Taxi Rides

    The story below was sent in to us by a reader who requested that we feature it in on our site as it could have affected anyone of us or our love ones. And in view of the seemingly increasing crime rates of late, we feel duty bound to share this story which has been circulating around the internet with our readers! I mean horror stories of errant taxi drivers are aplenty. Just ask anyone who has ever had to take a taxi. We have to put up with saucy flirtations, to downright sexual harassment, not to mention rude temperamental behavior.