• Anna Wintour’s Favorite Shoes

    Anna Wintour’s Favorite Shoes

    We all have our own personal item of clothing that we could never part with. For some people it might be a favourite pair of tights that cover their legs or jeans that hug their hips and make them appear smaller. And we always resort to these favourite pieces when facing with wardrobe crisis. They […]

  • Carey Mulligan is the Best Dressed Woman of 2010!

    Carey Mulligan is the Best Dressed Woman of 2010!

    Author: Aphrodite   British actress Carey Mulligan has been crowned the Best Dressed Woman of 2010 by the UK mag, Harper’s Bazaar! The 25-year-old actress has beaten more seasoned contenders for the title-such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Natalia Vodianova, and even the Prime Minister’s wife, SamCam. Via Daily Mail UK, Carey Mulligan […]

  • The L-File

    The L-File

    So little Miss Lilo is out of the rehab. Most of us would agree if I say that she should have been kept a little bit longer in there. But the world of entertainment has started to speculate a lot of things about her big comeback. People are counting on her to bounce back the […]

  • When Fashion and Gadgets Become One

    When Fashion and Gadgets Become One

    Author: Karenmarie   You get a pretty normal looking tote bag with a TV on it! Bag TV is an innovative bag which comes with a TV so that you can bring your TV along everywhere you go. This ordinary looking bag has a flap on the front which opens up to a 7 inch LCD TV. […]

  • Totally Slimming Jeans

    Totally Slimming Jeans

    Levis Strauss have come up with an economic range of jeans but yet serves a very important function where comfort and practicality matters most. This new range named named Totally Slimming Jeans has added spandex around the thighs and rear to hold in more of the loose bits and has  a hidden panel to hold in […]

  • How to Wear A Suit?

    How to Wear A Suit?

    Last issue, emmagem, wrote how a man can impress a girl or employer (current ad future) with the way he dresses. This issue, we promised to delve a little into suits and its suitability to the Malaysia.  I believe that in Malaysia, more and more men are investing in one good suit if no other […]

  • The Importance of Power Dressing

    The Importance of Power Dressing

    It has been ingrained in me from a very young age, to always look nice and know the quality of fabric and cutting of your outfit.That’s the advantage when your mum is a part time seamstress and is always “designing” clothes for you from left over scrap cloth. So I have been dabbling in re-designing any piece of dress or pants that I don’t like and modifying them into something I think I would like to wear.

    Forward to 21st century and some thirty years later, I am still a stickler for well cut clothes and good fabrication, although a burgeoning waistline due to a slower metabolic rate has made it more challenging of late, sigh. Nonetheless, it should not be a surprise to anyone by now if I tell you why I am an absolute believer in the power of dressing! And I don’t mean wearing Guccis suits or Armani suits as power dressing, price is not the issue here, good taste is. The fact that you wear clothes that define your personality and is well suited to your body is important because the way you carry these clothes will bespeak of your self confidence and give you a certain stature whatever your position may be in a corporation.