• Interview with the Beautiful Nila Palacios!

    Interview with the Beautiful Nila Palacios!

    Author: Lavender Nila Palacios, the gorgeous Latina designer has been taking the fashion world by storm with her beautiful dance inspired clothing lines. Her sexy cuts and breathable fabrics are what made her collections so popular amongst local dancers and celebrities! Want to know a little more about this successful fashion designer? Read on or […]

  • Interview with Chermaine Poo

    Interview with Chermaine Poo

    Author: Lavender   I’m sure you ladies are all familiar with the beautiful TV personality Chermaine Poo! An investment banker turned actress/ model/ TV host, Chermaine is not just a pretty face. In fact, she is both beauty and brains! Interested in hearing more about her and her views on the entertainment industry? Read on […]

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Jonathan Liang

    Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Jonathan Liang

    An interview with Jonathan Liang, young designer who had his first showing at London Fashion Week recently which we featured his collection recently. Hi,  Jonathan, what do you think sets you apart from the other designers? I believe everyone is different and that what sets us apart are our minds. Who or what inspired you to create? Anyone […]

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Jattinn Kochhar, The Designer with A Presence

    Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Jattinn Kochhar, The Designer with A Presence

    emmagem had the privilege of a long distance telcon interview with Jattinn recently at his design studio.


    We talked about his latest development and also about the fashion industry in general, MIFW and his philosophy about life. This multi-talented designer, not just designs clothes , but he paints and exhibits in his spare time and he is also involved in  all kinds of ventures; next year he will be going to Japan for a fellowship.  He has won many accolades and awards in India for his work as  a designer, (he won the Lycra Design Partner Award consecutively for the last four years)  , for his  charity works and contribution in academics of fashion. He has anchored and guest anchored television shows where his styling and conceptualizing was involved.  Jattinn also writes on fashion and lifestyle related topics for some leading dailies on fashion and lifestyle like the Hindustan Times and Times of India. His corporate clients’ list reads like the Who’s Who of white collar India.

    This self taught designer who designs  for the A listers but also  finds it equally if not  more challenging and fulfilling when he is able to design for people  from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes ,which is why he takes on designing highly specialized uniform projects with some of the more important companies in New Delhi like the EMRI (Emergency Medical Research Institute) , their equivalent to 911 or Malaysia’s 991.

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Ahmad Shareza

    Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Ahmad Shareza

    October 15th , is the launch of the new Maybank2U site and it is quite an awesome site (yeah, we know, we tested it) as it is user friendly and has a lot more  features than the previous one. It is also a nicer looking updated version and caters to all ages, tech savvy or otherwise. […]

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Tutu DIY

    Emmagem Exclusive: Tutu DIY

    Author: Karenmarie

    Tutu underneath the flare dress from Abiferrin

    Remember the House Bunny Movie Tickets Contest? We asked readers to send in a picture of themselves wearing something pink. A reader, Tammy, who calls herself Miu because of the brand MiuMiu and the love of cats sent in a very interesting picture of her boyfriend wearing a Tutu.

    Tutu’s are awesome. They can be worn just for fun or can be worn underneath skirts to make them look puffy. Just make sure your tutu is puffy enough and can stand the skirt’s weight 😀 You’ll look all flirty and playful with a tutu underneath your dresses. Tres cute!

    Miu made a tutu all by herself with the help of some online tutorials. She has agreed to share with us the how to’s and so we went on to ask her a few questions about why she made the Tutu, her fashion picks and get to know Miu in person :)

    Why do you call yourself Miu?

    During school days, my girlfriends would use designer/branded names as our “calling name”. So I chose Miu (MiuMiu) which sounded like Mew (cat) I love cats!

    Why did you make a Tutu?

    It started because my bf had to wear a tutu for our friend’s wedding (u know the games/stunts bride’s girlfriends would make the guys do so that they’ll let the groom in to see the bride). We went looking in Klang Valley for a tutu but could not find any that’s affordable or comes in sizes that my bf could wear. It dawn on me I could make my own, as my mom used to make costumes too when I was a kid. So I figure I could make one myself.

    How did you make the Tutu?

    I made my tutu by tying strips of netting on a long ribbon (which is used to tie around the waist like a belt).  It’s a bit difficult to explain in words so I have a simple diagram showing how I tie it.

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Khoon Hooi

    Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Khoon Hooi

    Papierblog, fashionweek editor Ali Manning fell in love with his designs at the Singapore Fashion Week in December 2006, quote? “the designer we should all look out for?” His Spring Summer 2007 line is raved in all the fashion blogs in the USA. Yep, sure sounds like the fashion world has just had a wake up call. Well, wakey wakey?- Khoon Hooi is set to take the world by storm. His line “Khoon Hooi” is currently represented in United Kingdom, Taiwan, Australia, Kuwait and United States (stores in Beverly Hills, Texas and New York).

    Emmagem checked out this local boy to find out what is like for him to be a success overseas and how did he managed to do it! This is by no means an easy feat, most local designers who are based in Malaysia find it extremely difficult to gain a foothold in the export market save for a few brands like Bernard Chandran and Zang Toi. But like well known Malaysian phenomenon, Zang Toi, and other international successes, their careers actually started overseas before bringing it back to Malaysia.

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Debbie Lee

    Emmagem Exclusive: Debbie Lee

    Have you ever met a happy person? How often have you had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to someone and coming away totally enriched and imbued by their enthusiasm for life and their positive outlook. I hope that it is often for you and I had the pleasure of meeting one such person recently. Her name is Debbra Lee, our personality of the month.


    Hers is a privileged life, proud owner of three restaurants (Fit For Two, Bijou (read Guilt Free Designer Food), Bianco (read Pure Pleasure at Bianco) and soon a pastry shop called Bissou ), mother of a cute four year old girl (Jordan), wife to a kind considerate and (very cute, methinks) husband and friends with the who’s who of Kuala Lumpur’s top chefs, an excellent cook, a fitness instructor to pregnant mummies and babies, homemaker, reads Martha Stewart and other cookbooks for bedtime read, great friend to at least 6 lucky people and most importantly a very happy person!

  • Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Calvin Thoo

    Emmagem Exclusive: Interview with Calvin Thoo

    Amidst the frenzy of Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding, a local designer was preparing to move into his new boutique. Calvin Thoo’s boutique is now located at Prestige Floor, Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang as befitting his prestigious clientele. Calvin can rightfully boast as a designer for the stars and calls among his regulars, Anita Sarawak or Kak Nita as he fondly calls her. Other stars include Erra Fazira, Sheila Majid, Fasha Sanda, Nurul of Nurul and Ajai, Adibah Noor, Lisdawaty, Nita and well even Siti Nurhaliza herself is a client, and that is just to name a few! Star struck yet?

    Anyway, emmagem caught up with Calvin for a quick chat despite his busy schedule. We asked Calvin how he managed to build a name among the stars who are household names in Malaysia.