Your Berry Sexy Inner Piece!

Your Berry Sexy Inner Piece!

If you’re that type of woman that likes to wear sheer pieces or one layer laces, we’re pretty sure you’ll always make sure your underwear is updated as much as your outerwear. Well, even if you’re not one of them, you gotta realize that somehow those inner pieces could infuse a lil more confidence in you. So, watch out for your underwear selections – pick up the right pieces only, please! Perhaps something with laces embellishment (not with the old type of laces of course), or vibrant colors (instead of limited dull colors like nude or black) can make you feel sooo turned-on till it bring your mood up to the highest level!

We got some hot, sexy new collections that you might want to have it on your wardrobe and amp up the confidence inside you! Check them out, pretty shawty!


La Senza Beyond Sexy

So you’re that bright, quirky lady that love to show off your super sexy look inside out? Check out the new La Senza collection. They call it ‘Beyond Sexy’ because of the lust y designs that are inspired by the latest hot trend accents – white hot summer metallic and fruityvibrant colors!

These colorful, sexy rainbow underwear collection has 9 new fashion styles – the most popular one is the plunge bra, comes in both front and back closure with option of smooth and lace. To make you even sexier, this collection provides the most intense push-up level and the most natural-looking lift, all in one! Each piece comes with a price of RM159. Buy some pairs and mix the colors to make it more playful!

La Senza Beyond Sexy, RM159 per piece

Triumph Body Make-Up Bra

If you don’t really like to work on vibrant, stylish underwear and comfiness is the most important thing for you yet still want to feel sexy, Triumph’s new Body Makeup collection has a range of  underwear that are feminine, fun, and flirty that perhaps will suit you! The pieces are lightweight, super comfy, and invisible.

This Body Make-Up Collection is playing around with pastel shades that blend perfectly with skin tone and deliver extreme high definition invisibility under whatever you wear. Vanilla, light rose, soft blush, cappuccino, or new nude, choose the color that fits you best. This collection is not about what you can see… but what you can not!

The Body Make-Up bras are RM179.90 per piece and briefs price starts from RM44.90.


De Jouer Summer 2013 Collection

Let’s say you are simple, tshirt and jeans are perfect enough for you to pull out your best daily look. Why not play it sexier inside? Amp up your confidence with a sexy twist, De Jouer new summer 2013 collection is fair enough to make you feel good! This collection unveils the sensuality with their fusion of color, laces accents, and pretty patterns.

This summer 2013 De Jouer has released three collections, all ranging from RM35 to RM88:

The Sensational, that offers women captivating lift and comfort with its underwire cups, thus providing a perfect shaping.

The pure collection is the softest, most comfortable one. The underwire cups give a moderate life girls love, padding that contours to body curve, super soft cup linings and lacewings that provide comfortable but sensual feel and will not show under clothes.

The Heart Breaker comes with all-new plush padding for a more natural and softer feel. The underwire cups give a moderate lift and thus a flawless cleavage; the range makes a great compliment to low neckline outfits.

Left to Right: The Heart Breaker, The Sensational, The Pure


Valisere Summer 2013 Collection

Take luxe inside the body with Valisere’s exquisite Summer 2013 collection! It will take your imagination on a stroll through the most secret romantic garden, filled with beautiful fabric bouquets, stunning floral embroidery and sensual feminine mystique themes.

Prices start from RM429.90 for bras and RM179.90 for briefs

Inspired by a theme of floral decadence and contemporaty architectural design, this season, Valisere combines the most luxurious fabrics and finery with sensually bold details!

Strong lines and artistic dimension, incorporated with flowing designs, silky soft materials, sophisticated embellishments and shining Swiss embroidery. Some of their pieces are even made with quaint finishes such as tiny satin bows, glistening adornments, and twinking little crystals made with SWAROVSKY elements as a symbol of supreme craftmanship.

It merges the artistic beauty with elegance look in every pieces that will illuminate your confidence and enhance your rare beauty! To those who revere passion, grab a piece and unveil the charm inside you! Here’s to looking luxe, baby!


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