White Tops and Bright Bottoms

White Tops and Bright Bottoms

Author: Aphrodite


If there’s one type of item that’s one too many in my wardrobe, it’s got to be white blouses. T-shirts, tank tops, shirts, off-shoulders—you name it, I’ve got them all! I’ve so many that sometimes I find it difficult to find a specific top in a whole mountain of many. Plain white ones are such a staple for me that I always make sure I’ve a bottle of Clorox at home to keep them looking pristine all the time.

White blouses are crisp and fabulous all-year round. You can wear them over and over again (paired with different bottoms) and it’d still be completely fine! According to The Gloss, it seems that “Top designer Carolina Herrera is well known for her signature wardrobe staple, the white blouse. She wears them everywhere and with anything.” Hey, that sounds a lot like me! Okay fine, I’m no Carolina Herrera for sure, but really the next time you see me, look out to see if I’m in a white top, lol!

While white blouses can be worn with almost any type of bottom, today we’re gonna show you how fab they look when styled together with brights! Yes, say hello to ultramarine blues, turquoises, reds, yellows and more! Nothing looks more perfect than a white top matched with a striking bottom. It’s catchy yet simple and totally gorgeous altogether!

Pick any style you want, but make sure you have at least one or two white blouses so that you can mix and match them around with pants, skirts or shorts.

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