Weekend Must Watch: Youtube Beauty Gurus

Weekend Must Watch: Youtube Beauty Gurus

I’m a Youtube junkie. Since I don’t have a TV at home, Youtube is the next best thing there is (check out some of my favourite channels here), even though it means I have to load a movie in parts of ten.

Apart from the occasional Korean movie (with English subtitles!) and the Masterchef reality series, there’s something else I like to watch on Youtube when I feel totally uninspired. On days when I feel my life is a complete sham, and whenever I feel sorry for myself (everyone has one of those days when things just seem to go wrong whichever way they possibly can), I watch makeup videos.

They make me feel better and more confident, often leaving me in awe about the wonders of makeup. If I had my way, makeup would be the 8th wonder of the world. You should see me without makeup – then you’ll know why.

Here are some of my favourite channels:

Promise Tamang aka dope2111

Haters always say she became famous by riding on Michelle Phan’s coattails (Promise is her sister-in-law), but in my opinion I think Promise has way more talent and spunk. Using shading and contouring techniques, she transforms herself into different people in ways you never imagined possible.

This is what Promise really looks like:

And this is what she can make herself look like:


Emmagem recommends:

BEAUTYQQ” Queenie Chan aka Beauty QQ


What sets Queenie apart from other beauty gurus on the internet is that she’s honest enough to admit that she’s gone through plastic surgery. Her DIY tutorials are very useful too. At 40 years old, she does have really amazing skin. And she’s not afraid to make fun of herself, which I find very refreshing in a world where people tend to pretend to be all ‘sugar-coated’.



Emmagem recommends:


Samantha & Nicola Chapman aka Pixiwoo


Their Youtube channel is extremely well-organised, with clearly-defined categories so you’ll know where and what to look for. The tutorials are straightforward and clear, with great lighting. I’d recommend this if you’re into step-by-step looks. Did you know? Samantha is also the founder of Real Techniques brushes, a cult beauty brand with a strong following around the world. These hand-cut brushes are made from synthetic Taklon and are cruelty-free too!

Emmagem recommends:


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