Triumph-ant moment – When its almost not there

Triumph-ant moment – When its almost not there

The latest Triumph product is indeed everything it claimed to be. The Magic Spacer definitely worked its magic. Its all about the material here and Triumph’s tireless  efforts in lingerie innovation has certainly paid off with this latest launch.  We tried it and we love it.

Lightweight, airy and comfortable,  one can just put it on and nilly a whine caused by the spine (just could not resist this one) of  the underwire. There are definitely no tight bites reminding you of its existence, in fact it sits quietly,  cradling comfortingly. One’s only reminder is probably the increase of unnecessary attention to a more presentable pushed up front without being exaggerated. Its a ” …padded bra but without the weight…”, you know what we mean.

triumph 2

It’s just rather unfortunate that this range does not come in D cups which means fuller women will not be able to enjoy this lightweight material. The colours that are in this new range are also extremely attractive in pastels shades of corn blue and pistachio and that peachy nude, totally seductive. Worn with the seamless panties that are made of the same material, not only one gets ample support to the buttocks, it kinds of pull in the hanging bits, just a little. You know the old adage when people say if you feel sexy inside, it shows. Well fitted lingerie does make one more comfortable, definitely look more confident and presentable. Nothing makes me cringe more for my fellow sisters in arms than VPLs and or bra straps peeping out of  a top in a meeting or traces of a bra’s embroidered motif staring across at me from the meeting table. If the objective of this range is all about comfort then it most definitely a success. And, the bonus is  it makes the wearer feel darn powerful too.


Triumph has in the last launched a worldwide campaign to help women find the right size bra and they are continuing the  campaign the “Find the One Again”. And after years of being uncomfortable with the odd bras and unflattering bra lines – Triumph’s efforts in getting the fitting right has made lingerie shopping a real pleasure  and the wearing afterwards even more pleasurable.

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