Too Much Information!

Too Much Information!

Author: Karenmarie

Phone conversation:
AC: Good Afternoon!
Me: Hi
AC: Would you like to do a Public Opinion Poll?

Me: huh?
AC: Public Opinion Polls are phone interviews. We get random numbers from your tel-co provider and we call you to do a survey. We will reward you prepaid credit for your time.
Me: (being a typical freebie lover) SURE!:)

This was one of the many calls that I’ve received. These Public Opinion Polls callers are calling us to get information out of consumers and what information do they want?

Intimate Sex Details!

The people behind the line are usually males asking females for explicit details. At first, they will ask you general demographics data. These are questions like, age, occupation and stuff like that. Soon after that, they will get into the specific details (like “What bras do you wear?”) and ask a little too much information (like “How many time you would get an orgasm with your boyfriend?”). I mean, these questions are things that you do privately with your partner. Maybe I’m a little to private in what I do with my partner, but they would ask questions like “Tell me about your first orgasm?” to “What kind of sex position do you find most pleasurable? (assuming that the caller is sexually active)”. To ease you into answering, they say that this information is completely private and confidential and the person who is calling is a part time Pharmacy/MBA student studying his Masters. Like that would be any help!

I’ve received these calls before, so I know what kind of question they would ask. The first call I received, was many years ago. I got a little uncomfortable after the first few questions and hung up. Last month, i received a few calls again from the POP. The first one promised prepaid credit and a few days after that, I got my prepaid credit. I was amazed. A few days after that, I got another call this time, a representative from Calvin Klein Malaysia called me doing a public poll. They promised me a RM150 Lingerie Voucher and a set of perfume from cK. I was a bit sceptical at first, because the offer seemed to be too good to be true. Since I got the free prepaid credit, I fell for this one and answered the questions (this time I was acting as a “sex-crazy” person, never mind that!). I answered the questions with a different persona, as I was bored. I was told, the Marketing manager would call me an hour later to give me details on the prizes.

Yes, you guessed right! The Marketing Manager DID NOT call me to give me my hamper. I was bummed after that.

I wonder if these people are legitimate and legal. It is one thing to have an honest interview, but lying to the people just to get them to answer is just insane! I wonder if this Calvin Klein offer I had was even really true. I truly support the idea of having surveys and interviews about issues, sex included. But a scam like that is just not ethical. Anyway, if ever the “public opinion poll” people call you, be prepared!

Aside from that, I was intrigue by the questions asked in the phone interview. I went on asking around how much do people disclose about their sex lives to their friends and family. I wanted to know to what extend do they tell their intimate details about their sex lives with their partners. Here are some answers I got:

Person A, student, Male, 20’s
Me: how much of your intimate-sex-related stories with your partner would you reveal to others (friends/strangers?)?
Person A: What do you mean by that? Not much really, I only tell my closest friends. even so, I only will tell “I made out with her”.

Person B, student, Female, 20’s
Me: how much of your intimate-sex-related stories with your partner would you reveal to others (friends/strangers?)?
Person B: Erm, I would say minimal, unless I’m playing truth or dare! I think I would be more willing to tell a stranger because I don’t know them and they can’t judge me. I would just reveal whatever you think a boyfriend/girlfriend does, I would too. BUT I don’t do pre-marital sex though. I’m revealing some to you now actually.

Person C, executive, Male, 20’s

Me: how much of your intimate-sex-related stories with your partner would you reveal to others (friends/strangers?)?
Person C: Not much, really. Unless I wanted to boast! I’ll tell how sexy she was and how she moves and glides like an eagle over my terrain. Depends actually. We’ll boast about how good we were. But most of them are probably lying anyway.

Person D, photographer, Female, 20’s
Me: how much of your intimate-sex-related stories with your partner would you reveal to others (friends/strangers?)?
Person D: a stranger? Never. A close friend, even if we trust. I would say made out/ have sex or you know. Usually how far we’ve been going but never details. Like specific. Just in general terms. Made out. Full stop.

Somehow, the people asked preferred to keep things to themselves. I wasn’t satisfied. Maybe they are just shy to tell me about it, to save face, perhaps. I watch too much Sex in the City; I think there are, at least secretly hope that there are at least one Carrie-Bradshaw-and-gang-type in Malaysia. You know where they sit in Kopi Tiams (coffee shops) and sharing juicy stories about their sexual experiences the night before. Maybe I am not moving in a “sophisticated” enough social circle….

I persevered and went on digging as to how much Malaysians will disclose about their sex lives. To my surprise, I found a Malaysian forum that is pretty comfortable when it comes to disclosing. They share about what position is the best, how they seduce their man and also how long is too long (penis)?. Maybe because it is a forum and they can remain anonymous, that is why they can share so much information without feeling shy. I posted a topic on disclosing intimate sex details and I found out that not many talk to their real friends (in real life) about it. Most of them just said they do talk about their sexual experience with their close girl friends. One of them also mentioned that she talks to a guy friend about sex and gets tips from him. But how much is revealed is questionable.

So, there you have it…Malaysians are tight lipped when it comes to their sex lives… they will speak general terms but not details… So, is it a cultural issue or maybe being shy Malaysians , we are just respectful of the people we are intimate with… or maybe we are too uptight, making sex an even more taboo subject then what it actually is…a healthy bonding of two people who genuinely care and love each other, casual sex aside.

I believe that whatever a couple do should be between them only. But then again, it is my opinion. You are entitled to yours! :)

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