Time-Pieces to Conquer the World

Time-Pieces to Conquer the World

Watches have come a long way from those days when they were first created. They used to be only small devices hanging from a necklace or chain, used primarily to tell and measure time. Now, they serve a plethora of purposes from waking us up in the mornings to timing our workouts and going even so far as to remind us to take life-dependent medications!

With further advancement in technology, watches too are seeing an advancement in their purposes. On top of just being an extension of style, a lot of them are hardier than the average motor vehicle, surviving the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Some of them have the likes of the US Marines relying their lives on them, while others dictate the rate of survival of a deep sea diver. Watches sure have come a long way from just telling the time!

Today, we take a look at some watches that have been to farther corners of the globe than your average human being and perhaps, have even seen more adventure than this writer sitting at home writing this.

1. From the Arctic Snow — BERING Ceramic



BERING was conceived in 2008 by Danish adventurer and businessman Rene Kaerskov after a helicopter jump into the Arctic. He was so inspired and overwhelmed by the sight of the eternal ice and the infinite flat expense of the Arctic landscape that he came together with his two partners to create BERING. The brand pays homage to Danish explorer Vitus Bering, who set sail for unchartered areas in the Arctic exactly 280 years before Rene, and was the first European to discover Alaska. This passion evolved into a vision of a new watch brand, and BERING was born. Characterised by clear streamlined forms and pure elegance, BERING uses high quality materials such as HighTech ceramic and sapphire glass, ensuring that time leaves no trace.

2. From Zero Gravity Space — STURMANSKIE Strela



The “Strela”, which means “Arrow” in Russian, became a legend in Soviet space history when worn on the wrist of Alexei Leonov during the first walk in space in 1965. The case and dial of the reissue were made as close as possible to the prototype, with differences being only in case size and the use of modern methods of manufacture and finishing. Inside Sturmanskie Strela Alarm beats a rare (and famed) Russian-made Poljot 2612 movement which was constructed based on the well-known Adolf Schild Swiss-made vintage alarm movement. Limited edition to 250 pieces only, this model is even harder to get. The additional crown at 3 o’clock position is to rotate the inner rotating bezel which can be used as second time zone or as a timer measuring lapsed time.

3. From Ocean Seabeds — Luminox




Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, F-117 NighthawkTM Stealth jet pilots and other elite forces. Luminox watches glow 100 times brighter than most other luminous watches, giving them superior readability. Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss-made Luminox is the ultimate night vision gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen and other peak performers. The Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Automatic watch has all the features that professional divers on a mission would consider essential, including a sturdy 316L steel case, a professional-grade ratcheting unidirectional dive bezel, patent-pending bezel locking device that doubles as a crown protector, 500-meter water resistance, and a clear, high-contrast dial with Luminox Light Technology (LLT) that glows for up to 25 years regardless of condition, allowing the watch to stay constantly visible even in the murkiest depths.

4. From the Competitive Fields of the Olympic Games — Omega


Sports timekeeping has been a part of the Omega story for more than a century. Omega has always been there to service the men and women who generate so much excitement through their consistent determination to be the best at what they do. Their results deserve to be flawlessly timed, boldly displayed, and recorded for future generations. Omega has been responsible for the timekeeping of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, including 25 Olympic Games, and also for the development of the equipment which has ensured that the technology has kept pace with ever-better performances.

Watches are clearly not just an instrument adorning one’s wrist to tell the time anymore. They have become part and parcel of the progression of the human race, a faithful companion that had been there for us through many victories, accomplishments and triumphs.

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