The Technology Behind Beauty – 4 Of Our Best Picks Of Latest Products In Town

The Technology Behind Beauty – 4 Of Our Best Picks Of Latest Products In Town

We have seen some really incredible product launches this season and these our some our favorites best of the best products in town right now. These products are by companies which we know that  combines traditional methods with modern technology, to come up with some really radical products that are practical and really work wonders even for sensitive skin. These products answers a lot of my own questions, which are prone to hyperpigmentation and mild eczema and my own reluctance to just let the skin be and not use anything for fear of sensitive skin outbreaks.

Most sensitive skin cases are caused by dryness and unsuitable usage of cosmetics.The fact that we live in a tropical country and we all drive, sometimes with temperatures in the car rising to 45 degrees inside even with air conditioner on means we are also prone to aging effects of heat and yes, UV rays. Besides that our daily lives from our food, water and the environment exposes us to various toxins.  Toxins are accumulated in our blood and in our cells. So, when you know that the skin is the biggest expanse of  made of cells in our body, even though the sell spiel says to “detoxify the skin” sounds a tad commercial but is not really that ludicrous especially since we know how much substance we put on the face in the name of  beauty and skin care. so be careful what you put on your skin. more is not always better. Less, but what suits your skin is more important.

These few products addresses issues of basic skin care- cleanse, moisture and protect- but with a twist. It goes a little beyond your basic skincare regime. We would still caveat that proper consultation with the brand specialists be done before using any products especially those with strong active ingredients on your own skin. be discerning in your choices, always test first.

1) Sulwhasoo – Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream

The brilliant concept of this product looks at treating not just the exposure to UV rays but also heat. Yes, the heat that that hits us as we enter  the car in a 40degree afternoon,  driving in a traffic jam or when we are cooking –  all insidiously damaging to the aging of our skin. This brand that prides itself in traditional methods of extracting the best out of the best of ingredients with traditional Korean method like Poje steaming has collaborated with the National University of Seoul  to develop the TPF (Thermal Protective Factor) that ensures heat balance. 10 years of research has shown that heat aging occurs when heat in skin rises from 31degrees the average temperature to  43degrees due to sun exposure. Heat stimulation causes skin’s collagen to decompose enzymes thereby reduce firmness, forms wrinkles and increases blood vessels causing severe redness.

Renodigm Trufresh mask

The Renodigm EX Dual Care is a day cream, made from winter cypress polysaccharides which forms protective layer over skin to protect against external heat like Infra rays and UV rays. Then there is the Prunus Mume which is steamed using Sulwhasoo’s Poje method to cool internal heat. Anti aging properties like rich Korean Red Ginseng is added to reduce help like wrinkles and boosts collagen.

The TPF is an index that shows amount of blocked heat energy. TPF40 of Renodigm is 40% heat protection and it also has a strong UV protection of SPF30PA++.

Best used with the Trufresh Soothing Mask (nightly) that calms and cools the skin as well as provides instant hydration and diminishes the appearance of fine pores. The EX Dual Cream, can be used after normal skin care and is suitable for sensitive skin, although best to test first on skin.

Price range RM130 for 80gm Trufresh Mask and Renodigm EX Dual Care – 50ml (RM430)


2) Swiss line – 360 degree Cell Shock Synchronized Time Reversal Program

Swiss line celebrates its 25th year anniversary this year and has launched even more revolutionary products. Its latest products – Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program and 360º Anti-Wrinkle Eye-Zone Serum Triple-Collagen Infusion combat cellular toxicity via an innovative new botanical skincare ingredient: phytochelatins, to chelate the toxins, ingeniously paired with proven anti-aging technologies, including peptides, growth-factors, skin-like substances like collagen, hyaluronic acid and GAGs.

Question is are you ready to reverse time?

cellshock360 reversal The 360 Degrees Reversal Program with Eye Zone Serum Triple Collagen at RM1568 per set.

 Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program is a one month anti-aging ampoules cure program.  The principle of this latest technology  is to detox your skin at the cellular level in a one cellular turnover cycle takes one month. During the process skin will improve firmness, reduce lines and wrinkles, re-establish the perfect level of hydration, detox and maximize vitality and radiance. The program is comprised of both an AM and PM series, each having synchronized actions: the AM series lifts, fights wrinkles and hydrates the skin, while the PM series simultaneously boosts, brightens and detoxifies the skin.

360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program is designed to be used over the face and neck and yes, even decolletage. Recommended, once or twice per year for one month periods at a time, ideally during the change of seasons except in Malaysia, the selection between monsoons perhaps(wink). This program is to  replace the usage of your usual serums that month. This program consists of a AM and PM treatment routine. The AM series focuses on protecting DNA, whereas the PM series focuses on both chelating the toxins so they can be released and boosting microcirculation.


Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line’s signature ingredient maximizes cellular turnover.

Bio-Mimetic Growth Factors, specifically Fibroblast Growth Factors, assist in the healing processes, stimulating cell multiplication as well as collagen and GAG synthesis.

AM Cellular Culture, a potent combination of cultured flowering tobacco stem cells, a solution of black tea ferment, and natural yeasts protect the skin’s DNA, decrease glycation and promote increased “lipofilling”.

Flash-Lift Complex, comprised of an optimized blend of hydrolyzed polysaccharides together with acacia gum that form a mesh retracting rapidly when it dries on the surface of the skin, instantly lifting skin.


PM Cellular Culture consists of: tomato stem cells, which contain phytochelatins, to chelate the metal residues from pollution; and the algae Dunaliella salina extract, to boost the intrinsic detoxifying metabolic paths of the cells membranes.

Flash-Boost Complex consists of a concentrated extract from the fruit of the plant Evodia Rutaecarpa, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The active fraction called evodiamine, promotes microcirculation as it boosts the activity of endothelium cells, forming an interface between circulating blood or lymph in the lumen and in the rest of the vessel wall.

Edelweiss Bio-Extract, a free-radical scavenger.

Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line`s signature ingredient maximizing cellular turnover.


 3) Lancome – Advance Genifique Youth Activating Eye Cream

This product  is inspired by Lancome’s genomic and proteomic research, and combines latest optical technology and blend anti fatigue actives specifically for delicate eye area. Definitely created for women on the go who struggle to get sufficient sleep. This product is a gentle lightweight textured  gel cream that allows you to look as if you have slept three hours more. Test conducted on 43 Asian women shows over 4 weeks,  signs of youth like fine lines, eye contour skin an d eye areas is about 98% improved and lifted . Whilst signs of fatigue like eye bags, eye contour and dark circles are reduced by 80 to 9 8percent. Eye area looks re-energized and firmer. Whereas clinical test shows crow’s feet wrinkles reduced by 13% and wrinkles and fine lines by 14%.

lancome genevieve eye cream

key ingredients are optical technology that uses new generation elastomers:  which provides a soft focus effect to blur the tell tale lines and wrinkles with a mattifying and soft powdery finish.

There is also a cocktail of micro particles -silica resin microspheres enhances light diffusion to correct dark shadows.  Boron nitride and nacres to increased diffused lights and add illuminating effects. It also moisturizes for 8 hours against urban pollution.

Meant to use as a night cream, (RM205) per bottle.


4) Bobbi Brown – Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream

Radiant skin is an almost imperative for stylish woman, otherwise the look just isn’t complete is it?

bobbibrown extra bright advanced moisture cream

So Bobbi Brown came out with the Extra Bright Advance Moisture Cream, which combines  the moisturizing from EXTRA , her award winning skincare line.  This new moisture cream is lightweight and intensely moisturizing. It does not only moisturizes but also repair and brighten skin over time.  Brightening effects from the Super Citrus Complex, also gives a healthy even colored glow. It is gentle with a cocktails of vitamin enriched citrus ingredients – unshiu peels, grapefruit,lime extract and Vitamin C. Then there is the skin brightening and soothing blend of cucumber, apple and scutelleria extracts with glucosamines which  gently exfoliates at the same time.  Moisture magnets of glycerin and sodium hyaluronate with cumcumber extract and Pentavitin which plumps and smoothes skin.  Most importantly, this cream for all its super citrus ingredients is suitable for slightly sensitive skin (please test for different individuals) because it has soothing ingredients like licorice extracts which protects from irritation which may have been weaken. Caffeine, sucrose and a blend of botanical extracts further comfort and calms skin.


So there you have it… we know some of them are suitable for sensitive skin, cause we tested on our own sensitive skin. But as a precaution, please do spot tests and consult with the brand consultants on how to combine the new products against your own sensitive skin and also current beauty regime and plethora of products.


Picture: www.brightsideofnews; product images from press releases

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