Smells Like Nostalgia: His Smell That Will Bring Back The Memories

Smells Like Nostalgia: His Smell That Will Bring Back The Memories

When was the first time he asked you out for a romantic dinner? Do you still remember how the smell of him make you swoon that time and how sweet he was to you? How about now… Is he still the same?

A man’s smell is a deep personal thing – we ladies call it as a weapon of seduction. Somehow we might call it as an olfactory ID that he carries everywhere and defines who he is… If he’s still using the same perfume like he was when he first met you, you better be glad. He’s undoubtedly a loyal gentleman, the one that will make you feel secure forever. But if he frequently changes his perfume, well… doesn’t mean that he’s a player, but, he just loves experiments! You better keep the curiosity alive in your relationship, give him some surprises, and always remember to make your relationship more adventurous! Now, why not give him a perfume that can remind both of you back to those good old days when you first fell in love with him, tell him that you really miss those moments and ask him to use it?

Here are some of our favorite picks that perhaps can help you. Does any of them smell like him?

Hugo Red by Hugo Boss

If  he is an adventurous, creative, rule-breaker type of man with dynamic gentleman type style, Hugo Red might be the type of perfume that he likes. It has contemporary blend of contrasting ingredients, full of cold and hot tension that stimulates him and leaves him feeling energized and ready to challenge himself!

Hugo Red fragrance is built around two contrasting accords: the ‘Solid Chill’ accord and the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord, which reflect the different facets of cold and hot metal. The ‘Solid Chill’ accord combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metallic accent that stimulates the underlying strength of solid metal. While the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord is characterized by cedar wood and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot metal.

Gucci Guilty Black

If you think he is so mystifying and unpredictable with a cool, calm, and oh-so-sexy charisma that always makes you fascinated, Gucci Guilty Black perhaps was a similar smell like the one that he used on your first date! His attraction is instinctive, where he might bring a sense of danger, shameless unpredictability whenever he goes, so he likes to seduce his woman with the most thrilling smell of his indulging charisma. This perfume can perfectly fit him!

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme is a vital green fougere in which dynamism spells seduction. In top notes, the scent captures the fusion of  green coriander and invigorating lavender that evokes youthful confidence. In middle notes, the masculinity assured where the aphrodisiac orange flower  fuses with neroli and richly verdant aromatic notes. In base notes, lavishly textured cedar wood is blended with the hallmark of Gucci fragrances, the patchouli.

So, which smell that can be a strong trigger of your sweet nostalgie?

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