Scallop Trim, Anyone?

Scallop Trim, Anyone?

Author: Aphrodite


The first time I laid eyes on a scalloped piece, it was actually a vintage blouse; all feminine and pretty. Scallop collared blouses were big back then and everyone had to have at least one in their closets. After doing some research about this trend, clever nettle mentioned that: “Scalloped hemlines were also popular in the 20′s, because lace naturally makes an edge like that so they were seen quite often on lace-based outfits like wedding dresses.”

Since almost everything in fashion always comes back in style, I recently spotted fashionable scallop tops in every other store. And yes, I bought a few for myself! So what’s comes next after scallop blouses? Scalloped trimmed shorts of course! For someone who loves to prance around in shorts, I think this is an absolutely adorable trend. You can flaunt your legs in a girly way because the half-moon cuts along the hems will make you look dainty—without you even trying to be ladylike and all that.

Nude Scalloped Shorts Were A BIG Favourite!

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your legs, try layering with tights underneath; it will make you look equally as pretty. Try not to overdo things by pairing your scallop shorts with scallop tops…it’s best that your blouses are simple. I like to match mine with racer-back tops; I get to look fresh yet chic without trying too hard! On your feet, opt for strappy sandals or wedges to add height. If you’re on the tall side, ballet flats also look great with scallop shorts.

Wanna learn how to DIY your own scallop shorts? Check out this tutorial from pagesixsixsix here!

Would you wear a pair of scalloped shorts? What would you pair it with?

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