Personality of The Week – Miss Uta Witting, Head of Design Asia for Triumph International

Personality of The Week – Miss Uta Witting, Head of Design Asia for Triumph International met up with the elegant Miss Uta Witting in Singapore during the 20th Year Anniversary celebrations of the Maximiser  at a grand event which was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA@Loewen) in Singapore. A bevy of beautiful and healthy looking models paraded down the catwalk. lead by Malaysia’s own Amber Chia and Singapore’s Sheila Sim, in even more beautiful ornamented and embellished Triumph’s collections of Maximiser undergarments.


The  new favorite bra of the season Magic Wire was also launched at the same time. And we can go on and on this new range of push up bra without underwire. yes, its comfortable, gives much push up as well as a very feminine silhouette. It is a wonderful evolution for the maximiser in its 20th year. Miss Witting tells us of the complexities that goes into the designing of a bra which needs as many attention to details of the material, weight of it and also suitability to design and especially to the wearers especially with regards to the issue of support.


We interviewed Miss Uta Witting who is the Head of Design Asia to get more insights on the push up bra.

So what inspired  the Magic Wire collection?

A: We want to give women the support and push up of a wired bra but the feeling of none.. Many women feel discomfort wearing wired bras for a long period of time in a day.

 How will the Magic wire collection be beneficial to women?

A: That it gives full support of an under wire bra, yet the feel of none, making it possible to create the ultimate sensual cleavage in maximum comfort. Offering easy freedom of movement and uninhibited comfort, with all the firm support, lift and shape we expect of a bra.

 Why the innovation of a wireless bra?

A: We want to give women the support and push up yet with the effect of a non wire feel.

We are continuously striving to innovate products as light and supportive as possible.

 What are some of the technology that goes into designing a wireless bra and how is it different.

A: Magic Wire is not a wireless bra, it is made from flexible soft shields contained within the bra cups themselves, offering full support of a traditional underwire with the feel of none.  Triumph’s skilful designers have also employed the latest flat edge technology, going that extra mile to ensure the finest tapered cup edges and smoothest transition to the body.

 How has the Maximizer range evolved through the years since Triumph is celebrating 20 years of Maximizer.

A: It has evolved so much as more creative innovation has been designed through the years. We first introduce Maximizer in 1995 and it took Asia by storm. The love for Maximizer has never stop since then. Many of our Maximizer ranges remain well-loved by Asian women since launched.

  1. Seamless one-piece bra 2007

  2. Aqua in 2009 – 3 sold every minute in Asia

  3. Cleavage on Demand 2010 – increase from cup size from A to C with just one pull of the ribbon, great for creating the day to night look without changing the bra.

  4. Sexy Cushion in 2011 – using memory cushion technology

  5. Body Make Up in 2013 – High Definition Invisibility


And out latest innovation Magic Wire which sold more than 50,000 pieces in less than one month.

 Are there any upcoming trends for Maximizer or lingerie in general

A: Current trends these days are Lingerie complements outerwear fashion & lifestyle, act as part of the accessories wearing for different occasion, bringing out the confidence in every woman. The big trend is light and breathable underwear still giving optimum support.

 There has been concerned that underwired bras are not healthy for women’s breasts, what are your thoughts about that?


It is of utmost importance for women to wear the correct size! The wire must sit comfortably around the bust. Most women experience a wire bra being uncomfortable, because they wear the wrong size. Getting regularly measured by an professional sales staff, fitting a garment before purchase guarantees that the wire bra is not a health concern.

 What do you do to get inspiration in designing the undergarments for Triumph?

A : Inspiration happens at every moment through everything we see and experience.

It is combined with observing what women desire when it comes to lingerie. As lingerie is an essential part of our life – comfort and feminine, elegant sexiness that makes us feel good about ourselves are the key inspirations of my designs.

With so many collection of bras, what would be three of the most essential bras items that a woman absoultely must have in her lingerie drawer?

A maximiser for all occassions.

What books are on your bedside right now?


  Rembrandt, The late works

  Jane Austen

  R. Guardini

  N.N. Taleb – The Black Swan

  Biography Maria Callas


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