Online Shopping : Colorful Work Days

Online Shopping : Colorful Work Days

Your work desk is dull enough and the hours feels like forever each day. Mondays are so depressing, I mean, why do the weekends feel like just two hours instead of two days? And as if that isn’t weepy enough, you have to wear the same boring outfit every day, every week.


Here’s something to light you up a little. Why don’t you have some fun with your wardrobe and plan your work days with colors? Instead of thinking about how you are feeling at the moment, imagine what you would like to be feeling for the day and figure out a perfect color to compliment it.


Your work wear selection is too neutral to play games with? Looks like you have some shopping to do. Our selection of rainbow-dashed outfit is definitely nothing like Betty Suarez’s (Ugly Betty sitcom) closet :


Knock down that Monday Blues with some upbeat pink, sunshine yellow or brighten up the blues with cobalt, colors that will guarantee to not just ease off your sorrows but will also cheer up everyone else’s eyes to encourage yourself and your colleagues to a more productive week! Here are our selections from some awesome online shops.

Mint top, RM40, AldaBellaDiva

Pink blazer, RM79, Pretty Chase

Pink and Mustard Dress, RM58, AldaBellaDiva

Blue skirt, RM52, AldaBellaDiva


Keep it entertaining throughout the midweek with with bold colors to retain your workaholic spirit in it’s high form. Leave it to simplicity but let the quirkiness of the color do the job.

Aqua top, RM59, Pretty Chase

Yellow top, RM35, Kach Fashion

Red skirt, RM59, AldaBellaDiva

Beige blazer, RM79, Pretty Chase


Choose colors that resembles a relaxed and laid back Friday as the weekend began to greet you again. The soothing effect will (hopefully!) tone down that excitement in your face. *winks*

Red top, RM42, AldaBellaDiva

Lilac top, RM59, Pretty Chase

Beige pants, RM40, Kach Fashion

Nude cardigan, RM75, Pretty Chase


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