Najwa Mahiaddin – “After The Rain…Malaysia”

Najwa Mahiaddin – “After The Rain…Malaysia”


Malaysia Boleh! All the way from NYC y’all….Yesss….!!!

According to their press release, “…a group of creative individuals have collaborated to produce a song with the goal of inspiring and bringing hope to Malaysians. The single “After The Rain” which features the vocals of local songstress Najwa Mahiaddin, was written and also performed by, JUNY who are made up of Jupiter 7 and Fatboy “Tony” Parker. The track and music video was produced back in November 2014 as a string of tragedies shocked and demoralized the nation within a period of one year…”

Timely, politically so…? Well, it is unfortunate that it came out when her dad was just ousted as Deputy Prime Minister in what was seen as a controversial move byMalaysia’s current Prime Minister. Does it reek  a little of propaganda  for Daddy? Maybe, in view of the timing. But, truth be said, it is a good heartfelt song that every Malaysian can feel for. It does raise the spirits and gives hope…

Yes, we like it! The song brings tears to our eyes every time….

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