MAS On Thin Ice – Sincere Condolences MH17

MAS On Thin Ice – Sincere Condolences  MH17


R.I.P.  MH17 – it is a great tragedy for the families of passengers and the country!


Our sincere condolences to family members of passengers of MH17 which reportedly crashed amidst shouts of being shot down by Ukrainian military. Seriously, it seems to be  a bad plot out of the TV series Scandal. Ukrainian’s mistaken Putin’s plane for MAS?

But questions of competency are being asked. Did they really choose to fly over an airzone that has seen military shoot downs of planes as recently as last week? Was it yet again pilot error or is it a decision as reported by various international media, to travel a route chosen because it saves on fuel? So, many questions to be answered and I think some serious thinking and talking is needed here by MAS. Even though it seems like a military attack, MAS has to seriously relook at its flight management. Too  many loopholes to be overlooked,  a total of 295 and then there was MH317…

Malaysians and the world is yet again traumatized by this unfortunate event. The streak of bad luck that seems to have besieged MAS, the national  carrier, is seemingly too expensive for the nation in more ways than monetary, Our morale is greatly shaken. Is our determination in wanting to keep the national carrier costing us too much? I have always advocated the need for MAS to stay on as a symbol of nationalism and also as competition to keep other carriers on their toes to ensure quality service, fair fares and safe travel. But I can’t help if even the heavens are involved in a conspiracy theory against this “poor” airline, quite literally, given its massive losses in recent years.

There has been  a lot of hue and cry lately for the government to close down MAS and the recent two plane crashes, sorry one plane crash and one mystery disappearance just seem to prove their detractors right…

But there are those like me who still  believe in MAS, so buck up PLEASE! You are on thin ice…


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