How To Get Away with Jeans in the Office!

How To Get Away with Jeans in the Office!

When one mentions corporate wear, jeans are usually the last thing you’d remotely associate with anything to do with the office. It is unanimously frowned upon by everyone in the corporate world and only kids and adults who aren’t to be taken seriously wear them. Unless you’re at a friend’s barbecue or just spending some casual time at the mall window-shopping, no one’s gonna approve of those jeans, especially not in the office.

We beg to differ. Jeans can, with the right techniques and disguising skills, be made office-friendly. Here’s how!

Since the internet boom, jeans have been made more acceptable as work wear, can’t imagine anyone at Google wearing anything else. As a corporate climber do check your company’s and industry’s dresscode, but as an entrepreneur, there is definitely more flexibility.

The basic consensus one should grasp is that jeans is a type of cut of pants. It is the material most jeans are made of — denim — that is not allowed in most corporate workplaces. Jeans not made of denim however, should not be a problem of being incorporated into your work wardrobe. The key then, is to choose jeans made of the right material and cut so people would not know any better!

1. The darker the hue, the better.



The easiest and most obvious step to pretending those jeans aren’t jeans, is of course to find a pair in the darkest shade possible. Black jeans can easily pass off as slacks, so do those dark blue ones. The lighter coloured few will give the secret away faster than your co-worker can point out it’s jeans you’re wearing. So leave your stone-washed Levi’s, or anything that goes near the light blue of workman denim, at home!

2. Nothing with more than 5 pockets.

The more number of pockets a pair of pant has, the higher it ranks on the level of casual wear. Try to avoid jeans with more than 5 of them. Ideally, two on the front and two at the back is all you need. For the office, it is all you should have. Plus, the more pockets you have, the bulkier it would paint your sillhouette, making you look like you have a couple more extra pounds on you around the waist and thigh area (eek!) than you actually do.

3. Choose a flared cut.


Pant legs are vitally important in determining suitability at the work place. Choose a pair that is slightly flared to emulate the look of slacks. Try to also avoid anything too tight or figure-hugging. Generally, fitted and comfortable are what you should be aiming for when looking for any kind of work pants, jeans or not. Skinny carrot cuts are hence, completely out of the question.

4. Wear longer tops.

A feature of most jeans that stand them apart from the rest of the other pants, is how their top is designed, with rugged belt loops and that dead-giveaway brass button. Often, if you just hide the top part of a pair of jeans, they can easily be disguised as something else altogether. Wear longer tops to cover the waist of your jeans and no one in the office would know any better that you’re bending the rules.

5. Dress it Up! Bling it Up!


Last but not least, throw on a more formal looking vest or blazer on top of your outfit or something blinged up like a Farah Khan sequinned jacket. They will not only help conceal the tell-tale waistline of your jeans, they would automatically up your outfit formality percentage by 40% immediately. By balancing out the casual element of your jeans, with the formal air of your blazer, your superiors will be none the wiser.

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