Have You Saved The Planet Today?

Have You Saved The Planet Today?


Everyone’ s going green and I don’t mean with envy but rather about saving the environment because if we all don’t start playing our part , there won’t be much of this green planet left. These days , recycling awareness from shopping bags to soda cans is ever increasing and people now realize that one of the most important things is to recycle and reduce or stop the usage of plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam cups and containers (when “ta- pau” ot take -away).

I am a newbie at this green thing, I mean I grew up with plastic bags and styrofoam cups , so convenient as if my bag isn’t heavy enough with my two makeup pouches , wallet, keys, notebook (very important for business) , hand phone (akin to my whole life ,cannot live without) and oh, loads of coins , what now I must carry extra cotton bag and bring own cup and maybe saucer too.

But more and more, I am beginning to realize that if I love myself and don’t want to roast from the thinning ozone layers and drown from the melting icebergs , that is if I don’t expire first from getting poisoned after years of eating and drinking off styrofoam cups and containers, then I better start playing my small part. And as the famous Buddhist monk said on his death bed…”if only I saw the wisdom of changing myself first , I might have eventually influenced the people around me to change from my example and then perhaps I would have changed the world…”.

Well I ain’t no monk, but I do believe , everything starts from one, one intention, one small action and it always starts with one’s self first…

Lucky for me, a lot of people think like I do ( so less work on my part ,phew! just need to get more people to think alike …). Two very talented ladies have started showcasing some of their very creative conservation artworks, Miss Lisa Foo( architect and designer of EMMA House, pls look forward to our interview with her next week) and Miss Su Sim (landscape designer), I first saw some of their works at the Art Fair at The Annexe, you mite have read my article or not (shame on you, if you didn’t :-)) and I was mighty impressed , so I bought one of the table lamps featured and I am so thrilled by it….yea! I also bought a wood block covered with a page about wheels from an early encyclopedia (it’s old , it’s old), these two blocks connected by 2 hinges each has a word on it -“rot ” and “ate” but together they “rotate”, cool or what! The wood block is by Fabian Tan (another architect) .

Anyways, click on this link to see it all

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