Fashionista Nostalgia: Retro Swimwear Is IN!

Fashionista Nostalgia: Retro Swimwear Is IN!

Author: MayLee

What’s this we hear? Is risqué out and retro haute?

Apparently, it is!

News from Milan says that the retro trend that has influenced lingerie over the past two seasons has now moved on to – you guessed it! – swimwear. Apparently, the 2011 fashionista will lounge on the beach looking almost exactly like her 1950s counterpart; only with better, faster-drying, high-tech material. Worried about your tan lines? Worry not, tans are less fashionable these days (partly for health reasons).

With haute couture bigwigs like Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg and Dolce & Gabbana all going retro, fashion gurus are now saying No to skimpy string bikinis and invasive tattoos, and “Radical!” to high waists and less skin on display. Dolce & Gabbana have hit fashion jackpot with their blast-from-the-past pieces, including a floral bikini with a bottom that covers up the stomach. According to Financial Times, whom they spoke to, a woman who covers up a bit more is that much sexier because there’s more left to the imagination. Something to think about, huh?

It looks like the new (old?) style icons are the ones who have stood the test of time: Grace Kelly’s espadrilles in “To Catch A Thief”, Elizabeth Taylor’s white swimsuit in “Suddenly, Last Summer”,  and – this is the ‘new’ bit – Dita von Teese! In pretty much everything she wears!

Now, HOW does one wear a retro swimsuit? The cuttings are all so different from what we’re used to! If you have:

Lean legs, wear something with a low-cut leg. It draws attention to your shapely pins like nothing else can!

Not-so-lean legs, never fear! Wear something with a skirt, and something on top that goes va-va-voom; all attention will be directed above the waist, and voila! Problem solved.

More of a tummy than you’d like, choose a one-piece. If necessary, find one with a shaper and you’ll look sleekly fabulous!

Washboard abs, wear that tummy-baring bikini with pride!

In need of all-over shaping? A corset-style maillot will pull, push, and lift exactly where pulling, pushing and lifting is needed.

Woohoo for retro!

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