Denim + Leather

Denim + Leather

Author: Aphrodite


Just last Friday, I shared with you a little something something about the Denim Jacket & Floral Dress Combo!… and today we still have some denim lovin’ going on. This time, it’s about how the classic denim shirt is paired up with anything on leather. As blacksandbrights put it: “shorts, pants, jackets, and everything in between. So there really seems to be no questioning as to what could be better than the combination of the two?”

Okay, I know that when it comes to leather in our weather, it’s always a question of “to wear?” or “not to wear?”. Really, I’ve summed it up to be as: if you’re comfortable with wearing whatever you want, then just go ahead and do so (no matter what people say, or how they look at  you!). As much as I wouldn’t wear any piece of leather, I’ve seen loads of colleague’s strutting their stuff around the office in leather jackets, shorts and even leggings!

However, there’s something about the denim shirt + leather combination that really does make me want to try it out! Looks like it’s time to break out the leather pieces that are stored right at the back of my closet!

The blogger from blueisinfashionthisyear lamented: “here are some easy-to-copy outfits which are perfect for the beginning of spring: a denim shirt combined with black leather or biker jackets, blazers or a trench. I like the effect black jakcket + denim blue. Years ago I owned a Diesel denim shirt I really loved. Then – who knows why – I decided to give it away. Does it also happen to you? You don’t wear an item for years and when you clean your closet you know time has come to get rid of it. And then, after months or years or weeks, you start missing that item so much. It happened with my denim shirt. I have to buy another but the lovely old one was a denim shirt made of great thick denim (like a boyfriend jeans) and had cool buttons. The new shirts are usually so thin and with cheap plastic buttons… I want my old shirt back!”

Aha, this is exactly the reason why I have decided to never give away ANY of my clothes. I will keep them all and keep breaking them out each time a trend comes back. Like now, excuse me as I go off to search for a leather piece and my denim shirt from my wardrobe!

Pictures from: blueisinfashionthisyear, blacksandbrights

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