Come Clean with Me!

Come Clean with Me!

Author: Karenmarie


I have a confession to make. It’s some thing I kept from everyone I knew ever since I grew out of it in my college years. Its so memalukan (Shyful) come to think about it as we were so young and naïve and had no fear at all. If you asked me to do it now, alone, I would be very scared. But with my friends from high school, I believe we can re-live the memories.

(Imagine we’re in AA meeting)

Hello, my name is Karen and I am a Boyband-a-holic.

LOLS! When we were young, my friends and I used to stalk boybands. The closest one we met were the guys from Blue. You know the British boy band that graced our land in the 90’s? It was a pretty scary experience, but we had no fear, but we had our friends and of course, the love of our boy band. The “stalking” started in JWW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur and there were security guards everywhere. We were so cool in our behavior and just walked in like we own the place. Mind you, we were 15 at that time, and there were like 4 of us. But omg, we seriously were so determined to meet them.

So there we were in our half choir clothes (We told our choir teacher after a competition that we had tuition in KL City and asked to be excused. We just changed out tops), running all around Mariott Hotel trying to blend in the crowd. It was hard work trying to find them in between press conferences and interviews. I remember I even had my period then and I had to come clean with my friends and tell them that I can’t run very fast, but they understood me and made sure I’m alright. Together, we sneaked around the hotel and managed to get to the gym floor where there was a tennis court.

Guess what?

Duncan, one of the members was playing tennis. Can you imagine how happy we were? Like omg, we were quietly screaming in our hearts as we didn’t want to you know let everyone know we’re sneaking around. After a while (yes, we had almost 30 minutes being in their presence), I felt weird, so I asked my friends to check for me, luckily I wore my Whisper pads and it kept me clean and comfortable.

We decided to stay at the lift area for a while to peek at Duncan before leaving and to our surprise, Simon(another blue guy) came up to us and whispered “BOO”, we screamed in excitement and managed to take a couple of pictures with him and Duncan before they left.

(Friends faces censored because they didn’t want to appear on emmagem! and omg, that’s me when i was 15. lols! *shy*)

We then left the building halfheartedly, but with a memory that can never be erased from our memories. My friends and I share a secret bond that will always hold us strong.

(We were major stalkers for other boy bands also…lols)

So… that’s my embarrassing past . . .I never told anyone that did not know the real me when I was in high school. It is nice to finally come clean with you. So, now you know how groupie I was in high school! Were you a groupie too? lols

I told you my story, later in an upcoming entry, I will tell you about a Come clean contest where YOU can share your story. Share us a secret about you and your friend that you’ve never revealed before in Whisper’s upcoming contest and stand a chance to win great prizes. I’ll share with you the contest details on 13th Oct… Check back later on 13th October ya?

Also on October 13th, don’t forget to check out Whisper Come Clean dramedy every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks on 8tv!

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