Are You Dressing Appropriately For An Interview?

Are You Dressing Appropriately For An Interview?

Author: Elise


You know how they say that a first impression is everything? Keep that in mind, because that concept has never held stronger than when it comes to job interviews. If you want to score that job, you need to make a strong first impression, and a great first impression.

Once you’ve made a good impression right from the get go, everything else will fall into place nicely. Your first impression will start from the minute you set foot into the company, how confident your body language is, and how you present yourself. Your employer may not give much indication, but believe us, he or she is taking everything into account.

One way to make a good impression? Through your dressing! The way you dress and present yourself will say everything about your image and will be taken into account as part of making a great first impression.


Here’s how to make sure you look to part of a prospective employee that they would want to hire:

  • Look Smart, Dress Like A Professional: Dress like a professional from heat to toe. Look smart, look sharp, look polished. Ladies, put on a little bit of make-up, but don’t go overboard because you still want to look natural. Dress in work attire, nothing semi-formal or too casual.


  • Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Right: You don’t want to wear anything that is too revealing or anything that is too tight. You want to make sure that your clothes fit you well, meaning they’re not too tight or not too loose. Make sure your pants are not too short, and your outfit can’t look sloppy. When your clothes fir right, you’ll automatically feel a lot more comfortable and at ease.


  • Look Neat: If you’re taking public transport, make the extra effort to come a little earlier so you have time to freshen up and look presentable. Never go into an interview looking flustered and disheveled. You need to look good from head to toe if you want to make a great first impression.


  • Don’t Go Overboard: If you’re going to wear accessories to your interview, make sure they are simple and understated as part of the professional look. Your accessories should not be stealing the spotlight from you. You’re going for an interview and you want to be remembered for your employability skills, not your fashion statements.


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