8 Weirdest Inventions Ever Created

8 Weirdest Inventions Ever Created

From the dawn of time, mankind has always striven to come up inventions that will help ease the way we live. Our very first recorded history of technology — the wheel — has brought forth much more sophisticated inventions since. Today, we live at an age when kids as young as 10 have high-end touchscreen phones, when we can shop for our groceries online, and we can talk to a loved one who is situated at the other pole of the globe as if they were right in front of us.

These rapid pace of technological advancement is part and parcel spurred by our constant innovation to want to ease and better our quality of life. It’s great because it shows the human mind is one that is not only highly creative, but also impressively capable of coming out with solutions to our daily problems.

However, sometimes even the most brilliant can get carried away in trying to make the next technological breakthrough and invent something not particularly useful. As they say, too much of something is never good news!

Here are 8 of the weirdest inventions we’ve encountered yet, in no particular order.

1. Chopstick Fans — to help cool your noodles



We think this takes out the best part of a hot, steaming bowl of noodle soup — its hotness. While we understand ramen noodles and their likes can sometimes get so hot, consumers sometimes accidentally burn their tongues, we also think you must be quite the glutton if you cant take the 2 seconds before a bite to blow at your food to help cool it down.

2. Broom-and-pan Shoes — to sweep the floor using your feet.



Aside from the fact that something that small can’t possibly get much cleaning done, we reckon it should be quite dangerous to put something like this on. Woe be those whose balance isn’t too great; they might just fall over trying to sweep up a little dustball on the floor! Besides, we think it’s double the work cleaning like this, you still have to ultimately pick them up using your hands to dispose of whatever you’ve swept up.

3. Umbrella for Shoes — to keep your shoes dry on a rainy day.



Whoever came up with this must really love their shoes! As much as the idea is plausible, it’s more nonsensical because when it’s raining, your shoes are gonna get wet from the splashes when you’re walking on the sidewalk anyway, shielded by a mini umbrella or not. We also wonder if those things won’t get in the way of your walking and cause you to trip.

4. Lipstick Assistant — to help you draw perfect lips



Putting on lipstick may be daunting for many, but we never thought it would be to this extent. Unless you have Parkinson’s we really don’t see why you’ll need a lipstick stencil, in every sense of the term, to help you put on a bit of lip colour. Also, what if your lips don’t exactly match the shape of the cutout?

5. Sleeping Hats — to help you sleep better on the train



The rationale behind this invention is that you can catch an extra half an hour shuteye while travelling to work without having to worry about missing your stop or have your head lolling all over the place. You write on a slip of paper attached to the front where your destination is so fellow kind passengers could wake you up when you’ve arrived. The suction cup at the back helps keep your head in an upright position so you wont end up resting it awkwardly on a stranger’s shoulder or risk spraining your neck. While it sounds useful, we still think it makes for a very weird sight.

6. Car Steering Wheel Table — so you can write while you drive



We’re still trying to comprehend how whoever came up with this could think it was a remotely good idea. The last thing you should be doing while driving is to give anything less than 100% of your attention to the road. Already something as simple as talking on the phone causes so many accidents and deaths on the road, can you imagine the consequences of driving while trying to write your thesis?

7. Hair Shield — to keep your hair away from your face when eating



We don’t understand why a simple hairband couldn’t do the trick of holding your hair back while you eat, but we guess scientific geniuses shouldn’t be questioned. We also wonder how does the thing stay up on your face?

8. Ice-cream Spinner — so you won’t have to tediously lick at your ice-cream

icecream spinner


If this takes off, we feel bad for a lot of the children of the future. They’ll never know the pleasure of going at and licking an ice-cream cone until your tongues were numb, nor the fun of biting into a crispy, crunchy cone when you’ve finished the ice-cream. Besides, the simple act of eating an ice-cream cone should not be made this complicated!

Hope you had a good laugh!


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