4 Types of Women at Paris Fashion Week

4 Types of Women at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is currently in full swing. We might not be there in The City of Lights but our watchful eyes are set on international fashion websites and social-media accounts for the latest updates on all of the designer’s showcases of their Spring 2015 collections.

Trend-spotting is not that hard when the recurrence of certain elements are frequent in more than one or two collections. Picturing the women who would wear these looks on the other hand takes more effort and precise sense of fashion direction. There are times when we wondered, who in their right mind would wear a gunny-sack dress or leather pants so tight it should be banned for the safety of humankind.

Interestingly enough for Paris Fashion Week this season, everything seems so clear. From design directions to all the different vibes given throughout the presentation of every single look on the runway, we can easily tell the type of women whom the pieces are designed for.

Looking at all the boho-girls of Chloe and supposedly ‘vulnerable’ ladies of Celine, Spring 2015 is set to become a memorable season for women of different characters and sizes. Regardless of who you are, there is always a look that suit you and you should stick with it until the season is over.

Here are four types of women seen on the runway of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear.

Carefree boho-girls at Chloe

pfw15 chloe

The boho vibe is all over Spring 2015 but at Chloe, it takes the center stage of the collection. True to its Parisian roots, Chloe’s design reflects the boho-French-chic elements with mini-poncho, eyelet dresses and soft flimsy tops. A complete 180 from the usual sharp, almost defensive look that we have seen for the past few seasons, Chloe’s collection this time around is the one that you want to wear to the music festival but still fancy enough for a dinner date. Gaby Aghion, who founded Chloé in 1952 passed away just a day prior to the show. The collection is a without a doubt an appropriate tribute to her legacy.

The Vulnerable Ladies of Celine

pfw celine spring 2015

Vulnerable is quite a strong word to use to describe the collection showcased by Phoebe Philo at Paris Fashion Week this season but according to her, vulnerability is all about embracing uncertainty. Philo was drawn to the idea when she was listening to Kate Bush’s hit song–This Woman’s Work. Translating the idea into the label’s Spring 2015 collection, Philo sent her models down the runway in their hair slicked back wearing Celine’s signature tailored coats and pants along with other separates. The pieces seen throughout the collection has  lots of flares and movement to it with excessive fabrics dangling on the skirts’ hems and dresses. Celine entered a whole new territory by including floral prints in the line up. The accessories are as interesting as ever thanks to the heavy hardware pendant, round leather bags and square-heel shoes.

Givenchy Tough Chic

pfw15 givenchy

Thigh-high boots and corseted bodice, Givenchy showcased a collection of female empowerment in leather and black. There a few moments of girlishness with the incorporation with lace and little black dress, but the rest of the looks seem like they were stolen from the closet of the baddest femme-fatale ready to throw a high-kick and command you to kneel down in front of her. The detailing are on point which balance up the tough elements.

Kenzo’s Activists

pfw15 kenzo

Kenzo started off the show with a reminder about “protecting our planet since there is no planet B” announced by an avatar in multiple languages. The collection consists of loose parachute dresses, palazzo pants and billowy sweaters. The looks are slightly futuristic with the ultimate play on silhouette which at time seems to drown the models in the heavy volumes of fabrics. Everything fits the theme of activism with pieces that look organic and heavily influenced by  nature.

Now looking at these strong characters, which type of Paris Fashion Week woman are you?


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