4 Healthy Breakfast Staples that should be in Your Kitchen

4 Healthy Breakfast Staples that should be in Your Kitchen

4 Healthy Breakfast Staples that should be in Your Kitchen

It’s a warm sunny morning, and an act of conveniently tuning out to your alarm has given you less than twenty minutes to eat breakfast before rushing off to work. Do you

A)     Prepare your own breakfast?

B)     Buy something on the way, usually coffee and drive-through food?

C)     Figure you’ll skip breakfast and the carbs?

It’s pretty obvious which option is the healthiest. But it could also be the most time-consuming. Scrambling around the kitchen for ingredients wastes time, and there are dishes to wash and cleaning up to do. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

But with these easily-available and nutritious breakfast “staples”, cleaning up will be worth the health benefits of eating a home-cooked breakfast.


1)      Eggs

This is one of the most important staples in any household (unless you’re vegan). Eggs are ‘ideal’ proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids. For their weight eggs provide the highest quality protein of all foods. Eggs also contain selenium, folate, vitamins E and A. Some are even fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids! An egg is literally jam-packed with nutrients.


Two eggs with a slice of bread for breakfast will keep you running till noon. You can spice up your eggs with onions, cheese, pepper, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms or even paprika! Adding milk to your eggs and stirring under low heat will give you excellent scrambled eggs.

If you’re really pressed for time, boil two eggs and you’re good to go.


2)      Oats

Oats is one of, if not the healthiest breakfast option. If you have the time, cooking oatmeal will be a good option. But if you don’t, instant oats is good enough. Oats contain fibre and potassium, the former of which plays a role in lowering bad cholesterol (HDL). Oats are also linked with lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Oats on its own is frankly not a very appealing dish. Milo, cocoa powder, brown sugar and cinnamon are common additions to oats. You may consider adding fruits like bananas and apples to your oats for extra textures and flavours. Raisins also add variety to your bowl of oats.



If you’re feeling creative, use oats in a weekend baking spree and you’ll have breakfast as well as a healthy snack for three to four days. I personally recommend adding granola to your recipe book. You can experiment around with different combinations of jams and fruits when making granola. It’s fun, easy and yields a tasty and healthy result!


3)      Fruits – Bananas

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. While an apple for breakfast may not last you till noon, fruits are certainly compatible choices for an array of breakfast dishes. Juices, smoothies, salads, toppings – fruits are incredibly versatile. And the best part is, they add a ton of fibre, vitamins and that feeling of “freshness” to your first meal of the day.

Bananas, especially, should be in your kitchen. Cheap (in Malaysia) and jam-packed with potassium, magnesium and folate, bananas provide a sweet and mushy texture to stimulate your palate. On a side note, bananas seem to have an effect similar to caffeine – it gives you better focus and attention.


Bananas can be eaten on their own, made into a smoothie or added into pancake batter. I personally find the smoothie refreshing and filling, besides being incredibly simple to make. All you need to do is to blend a banana (medium-sized), a glass of milk, 1 ½ tablespoons of honey and a handful of ice together and voila! Your breakfast is done!

Banana Smoothie



4)      Milk (dairy or soy)


Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding dairy milk, there’s no denying that milk remains a good source of vitamin D, B12 and calcium. It plays a part in maintaining bone and teeth strength, as well as being an all-time signature breakfast beverage. For vegans, consuming soy milk fortified with vitamin B12 makes up for the nutrients they’re lacking from animal foods.

A glass of milk and a simple sandwich will give you a tasty and balanced meal. Milk can be used to make pancakes, and they make your scrambled eggs smoother in texture. Fruit smoothies also feature milk in their recipes.

You could even whip up some crepes on weekends when you don’t feel like eating out. Just mix a quarter cup of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla essence, two eggs and one and a half cups of milk together before adding three quarters cup of flour and one third cup of wheatbran (optional). Stir until a runny batter forms. That’s when it’s time to start frying crepes!


Notice something? All the ingredients here can be paired with each other in different quantities to prepare all sorts of breakfast dishes. With these four breakfast staples, breakfast will no longer be a boring affair at home. Soon you’ll be eating your way to more delicious mornings and a radiant, healthier you.


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