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Where the brilliance of Gen Y meets the wisdom of Gen X!

Our Value:

www, (pronounced as am-a-gem), where we help women recognize the gem in themselves. Go Gemmers!

Our Purpose:

To be a social and community driven platform where we provide network, support, and mentor-ship to career women and entrepreneurs in various manner. Where women support other women, a place  we learn, educate, share and provide the cushion for each other.So if you have a recipe to share, a story to tell…let us know. belongs to every woman out there, it is ours.

Our WIP Activities:

Talks and seminars

Support Group

Mentorship Programs


What is about?

We are a social publication e-magazine catered specially for young and upcoming career women and entrepreneurs, covering a wide range of topics from beauty, to health, to fashion, to business and entrepreneur tips. We will be curating and featuring Gen X and Gen Y entrepreneurs and successful career women who are already helming their own companies and climbing high on the corporate ladders to inspire their peers and dig deep on the Gen X-ers wealth of experience to share their insights and wisdom and shed the light at the end of the tunnel!

Our articles all have one objective — to further enable women entrepreneurs become the best they can be. We ourselves have had to learn all over again how to gain market standing as an online magazine, and we feel we have lots to learn and loads to share. But what motivated and  drove us all these while — to enhance women and empower women — still remains our main objective. And so from now on we are focused on being the e-magazine for career women and women entrepreneurs.

Focused on serving information and as  a support group for women empowerment- to align women with the Malaysian government’s vision of having 30% women in the C-Suites. Let us help walk with you together to become part of that 30% or at the very least, the best modern career woman you can be.

Our Journey -The Story was started when in the early days of my entrepreneurship journey, I was in between projects, bored and trying to think of a way to make more money. This was in 2006 when online affiliations were all the rage. So I thought I would start an online publication (like a hobby site for some side income)  that would help me achieve two objectives, namely 1) to enhance women’s self esteem through entrepreneurship even though I have no experience in online publication at all much less less in the online industry which now has its own legitimate jargon and terminologies. But the intent for has always been a give back to society project.

And so, like most entrepreneurs with more gung ho ideals than proper research, I figured online was probably cheaper than print and also  “easier”. So the journey of began. Seven years down the road, the one objective I can probably claim to “fame”, is not that I was on Forbes millionaires list (Arianna Huffington cornered that one) but that it has been an incredible journey that has also opened up opportunities for me as an early entrepreneur into online publication in Malaysia. We have been given opportunities to attend talks, meet incredible women and sometimes give talks about a successful online site when it was a relatively new industry. Our proudest and humblest moment is knowing that has been driven by many young people with radical ideas which was how the MOSFD (Malaysia’s Online Fashion Shopping Directory), a free directory was borne. Many young entrepreneurs were encouraged to start their own business because of it and we are proud to have been a part of their journey.

Because of the constant evolution of the online industry and a lot of learning along the way, we were swept from the tidal wave of prominent online shopping directory to being an online medium But we have had to learn all over again how to gain market standing as an online magazine, because as is in most businesses, top of mind awareness is very important in any field and we have lost some ground over the years. But what motivated and  drove us all these while — to enhance women and empower women in entrepreneurship — still remains our main objective.

By the women! For the women! Of the women! 

Sincerely yours,

Tan Yet Mee

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