Eco-friendly e-shopping sites we love!

Eco-friendly e-shopping sites we love!

Trying to be eco-friendly isn’t easy; every purchase you make has to be carefully-calculated and researched in order to maximize value and minimize impact. But the good thing about life is that it has given us the internet, a godsend in terms of helping us make more informed choices about the products we buy and use.


Here are some of our favourite websites for a spot of eco-friendly shopping (mouse over websites for links):


For mom & baby items


One of the pioneers of eco-friendly shopping, Tiny Tapir has come a long way, despite its ups and downs. I got my very first reusable tote from their website close to 10 years ago, and since then, they’ve had lots of other very interesting products. Mommies will be pleased to know that Tiny Tapir stocks baby- and kid-friendly items like infant seats, cloth diapers, plushies and cutlery. For us adults, there’s a very pretty range of reusable totes as well.



For food & beauty products


Though relatively new to the scene, Koyara is steadily improving, expanding its product range from eco-friendly beauty products to include health food like quinoa, apple cider vinegar, and the like. Prices are competitive enough to warrant more than one order from this e-store, and you also get a number of brands that are not available in retail stores over here. Keep your eye on them as we’ve got a feeling that they’ll be bigger and better!



For health supplements


BMS Organics is a well-known company that not only sells health supplements, but also operates a chain of vegetarian restaurants. Their extensive list of health food and organic supplements and other household products will boggle your mind – ranging from oat milks to blood-replenishing tonics to a high-end water filter that costs north of RM4,500. If you’re looking to gift someone a hamper, this would be a great place to start as they have everything you could ever think of, all beautifully-packaged.



For organic groceries


This is truly a godsend for anyone who can’t be bothered to make a trip to the supermarket to pick up groceries. Just have it delivered to you with a click of a mouse! For RM69.90, you can get a Trial Box, which consists of 10 types of veggies plus 6 free-range eggs, delivered to your doorstep. There are also other options for bigger families, and also a wide selection of organic fruits, dried goods, gift hampers and more.


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