The lazy girl’s guide to hairstyles

The lazy girl’s guide to hairstyles

The best part about being a woman is indulging in things that make you pretty. From makeup to accessories to fashion, the sky’s the limit. But there’s always one thing that bugs me, especially when I haven’t got enough time: my hair.


It’s this very feature that makes being a woman kind of troublesome. If I don’t have time to shampoo my hair, I need to put it up or at least do something to it the next day. There’s nothing worse than putting on a nice outfit and realizing that your oily roots are showing, or that your hair is limp and your curls have deflated.


Behold, some lazy-girl hair hacks that allow you to look polished, so that nobody knows you’re trying to stretch that no-shampoo day for longer!



The half-up bun


This is by far one of the most popular hipster hairstyles of the year. Some people call it the unicorn bun, some split it up into two small buns on either side of the head and call it space buns… the list goes on. But in all honesty (and having tried it for myself), this is one of the easiest and cutest ways to hide day-old hair.


The trick is to grab enough hair on top in order to create a large-enough bun, while leaving most of your hair down. You don’t want to tie up too much as that will leave you with a flat helmet-like look on the sides. For extra volume, you can even curl the lengths.



The messy high bun


The higher, the better. Take full advantage of un-shampooed hair with this messy high bun, which not only gives you instant style points, but also ‘pulls’ and ‘lifts’ your features for a slimmer effect. If you’d like to create this hairstyle on clean hair, work a bit of wax through your hair, especially along the hairline, to minimize baby hairs and flyaways.


Need extra inspiration on how to work this look? Check out Malaysian blogger and IG personality Emma Shazleen, who does a really awesome job with the ultra-high bun.



The multi-barrette pony


Remember those days in school when our moms would tie our hair into sections with different coloured elastic bands? Simple, but it did the job pretty well. Hair away from the face, ready for business. This is a grown-up version, only with barrettes to add a sense of adult flair.


Slick hair back and clip in place with matching barrettes of your choice – we love metallic ones as shown in the pic above, or if you have dark hair, tortoiseshell barrettes are easy to find and go well with your hair colour.




The side braid


Braids look way better when your hair has more volume, so spritz on some dry shampoo and run a blowdryer through your hair to give your roots a well-needed boost. For loose waves, nothing a curler can’t fix.


You can either do a deep side part and French-braid along the bigger parting, or go for an off-center part and braid down both sides, securing the ends at the back of the head. Nobody will be able to tell that a hairstyle so cute is actually a disguise for oily roots!



The double bun


Works best on chin- to shoulder-length hair since you can keep the buns small enough (long hair will have the vertical buns looking too heavy and clumsy). The steps are pretty straightforward: grab hair into a half-ponytail and loop the ends in while you’re tying the elastic for the last time. Repeat on the bottom half of the hair.


This would look amazing if your hair is two-toned, so you’ll end up with two different-coloured buns, top and bottom! Tease the hair on the crown to give it more volume so it won’t end up looking limp.



The high half-pony


For some reason, I keep thinking that Kate Mara or Nina Nesbitt would pull this off perfectly. Like its big sister the half-up bun (see above, long hair), this hipster hairstyle is the perfect complement to pared-down dressing on lazy weekends where all you want to do is pull on a pair of loose palazzo pants and a tank top.


Add a ribbon choker and aviators, and you’re good to go. With this sort of hairstyle, the messier, the better, so don’t overthink it and make it too ‘clean’.




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