Melt-proof it: How to make your makeup last all day long

Melt-proof it: How to make your makeup last all day long

It kinda sucks when your makeup decides to disappear halfway through the day, especially if you spent a lot of time painstakingly applying it in the morning. Having oily skin myself, I used to find myself with only three-quarters of an eyebrow left by the end of the day. My blusher would just vanish into thin air, and I often ended up looking panda-eyed after a late night out.


I’ve since learnt that makeup can stay on your face longer, depending on these two major factors:

a) How you apply it

b) The quality of products you use


Here are a few tips on how to prolong the time your makeup spends on your face!




When applying foundation, the trick is to build up sheer layers instead of piling on one thick layer. Reapply a thin layer of foundation using patting, not rubbing motions. If you desire lighter coverage, use your fingertips. For medium or higher coverage, a Beauty Blender (or similar) does it nicely.


After that, take a piece of tissue paper and blot your face by pressing (not rubbing!) the tissue against your skin’s surface. This soaks up excess oil that causes the foundation to move around. Set your base makeup with loose powder. Personally I use baby powder (I find that it’s almost like the ‘baking’ technique, only easier and less messy. I apply the powder on my face and neck, and buff off the excess with a dry towel. The outcome is sheer, natural and best of all – I don’t look like I’m wearing any makeup.





The trick lies in using a few products for your eyebrows. Firstly, shade and shape your brows with a semi-hard brow pencil. Korean beauty brands make really good and reasonably-priced brow pencils with an angled nib, which makes filling in your brows SO much easier.


Next, use a clean spoolie brush (the ones that look like mascara wands, but softer) and brush the brows to even out the colour so that your brows look realistic. Here’s the trick: ‘lock in’ the colour by brushing a similar-coloured powder through your brows. It doesn’t have to be brow powder; any brown matte eyeshadow you have lying around should do the trick.


Note: I used to use light brown eyeshadow to set my brows, but I’ve also noticed that by switching to a sheer pressed powder or powder foundation and using a small, fluffy brush to apply the powder, I save lots of time because application doesn’t have to be precise, and it lightens my brows ever so slightly for an even more believable effect.





Similarly, like the eyebrow technique, the secret lies in layering. This only works best if you use pencil/gel eyeliner; it doesn’t sit very well with liquid liners. First off, line your eyes as you normally would. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to stress that a good waterproof eyeliner that does what it claims makes a huuuuge difference, so don’t scrimp on that extra RM5 only to find that your eyeliner has transferred everywhere.


Using a matching colour of eyeshadow in your desired finish (matte or metallic), go over the line one more time to blur away any harsh edges where your pencilled your eyeliner on. This also helps to cover any sparse gaps that you might have missed.


If you get any eyeshadow fallout under your eyes, use a clean cotton pad to clean it up, not tissue paper (which just creates an even bigger hot mess). Clean up any smudges with a cotton bud and you’re good to go!





So far, I have never been let down by Japanese mascara brands. Somehow, they manage to create formulas that are so lightweight yet curl-holding. A lot of people swear by shu uemura’s eyelash curler, but personally I feel that Shiseido’s eyelash curler fits my eye shape better as I’m less prone to accidentally clamp my own eyelids. Forget what the mascaras say about being self-curling; Asian lashes tend to point downwards, and you have to curl ‘em before you mascara ‘em. Mascara only won’t cut it.


Curl your lashes, and apply a VERY THIN layer of mascara from root to tip. Be very lighthanded to avoid your mascara sticking in clumps. Wait a few seconds for the mascara to dry halfway, and then repeat another application. This makes your lashes stay curled longer, and you won’t feel the weight at all.



Lip colour


Nowadays, the market is saturated with lipsticks, lip crèmes, lip whatevers. With that, our choices have grown and we’re semi-spoilt because hey – nobody needs a lipliner anymore! Lipliners were used to keep creamy lipsticks from feathering, but thank god for matte lipsticks. They don’t really budge, and can go strong for hours on end.


For the perfect stay-all-day lip, prep lips with lipbalm while you finish up your skincare routine. Just before applying lipstick, blot to remove excess balm (if your lips are too oily, the colour will just slide right off). Apply a thin layer of lipstick using a stamping motion instead of swiping it on. If you swipe, you get too much product at once. Dab on the colour straight from the bullet, until you achieve your desired shape. Blot with tissue paper. Repeat lipstick application. Blot again. Your final outcome should be vivid, matte yet sheer, which will easily last you through the better part of the day!



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