Beauty trends we’re loving right now: mid-year edition

Beauty trends we’re loving right now: mid-year edition

Is it really June already? Time sure flies, no matter how clichéd that sounds. This year, the beauty world becomes more interesting, with a few of these trends to keep your eye on:



Hair exfoliators

Before you start thinking, “What’s new? Scalp-cleansing scrubs have been around for ages!” – this is a product designed for your hair, not your scalp! The rationale is that over time, the styling products you use build up on the hair’s surface, dulling its shine. By scrubbing your hair from mid-lengths to ends (not the scalp; it’s a HAIR scrub after all), it’s said that you can buff away impurities and enhance shine. The result: glossier, lighter-looking locks!

hair scrub

Try: Redken Diamond Glow Dry Gloss Scrub, Biolage Sugar Shine Polishing Hair Scrub



Custom-made makeup colours

Lots of women face problems finding that perfect shade of makeup, especially for base products like foundation and concealer. Well, look no more – you can now get makeup in your own unique shade, made to match your skin colour flawlessly through a high-tech method of scanning your skin and mixing the pigments on the spot. Admittedly, this isn’t available in Malaysia yet, but it’s now trending in the United States. It’s definitely more expensive than buying a foundation from a pharmacy/counter, but if you’ve never been able to find your shade, this might just be the answer to all your woes.

custom foundation

Try: Lancome Le Teint Particulier, Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics



Probiotic skincare

I used to put yoghurt on my face, having learned it from a Japanese ex-colleague, who in turn, learnt it from a TV show. On that show, a woman in her 70s with amazing skin said that she’d been doing this every single day for the past 50 years, and credited her porcelain-perfect complexion to the yoghurt-applying routine. It was good, but incredibly messy. Probiotics are a friendly type of bacteria, which can be found in yoghurt and dairy products, or in the form of powder or pills. Like how it improves the condition and immunity of your gut, probiotic skincare restores balance to your skin with its anti-inflammatory effect. This will make a huge difference on acne-prone or sensitive skin, both of which are often caused by bacteria and/or yeast.

probiotic skincare

Try: Rodial Super Acids skincare, FOREO Awakening Radiance Yogurt Cleanser




While I personally prefer to draw my own brows every morning, I know it gets troublesome and there are many women who have benefitted (both in terms of saving time and sanity) from eyebrow tattoos and embroidery. That being said, there’s always a risk of having your brows look insanely dark and clown-like. Microblading is set to change all that, using microblading tool (with multiple ‘needles’ instead of just one) that allows you to achieve thinner, more precise strokes that look like hairs, as opposed to a tattoo gun. The process takes a much longer time (usually 1 to 2 hours), but the results are amazingly realistic.



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