Why we’re obsessed with the deep side-part bob

Why we’re obsessed with the deep side-part bob

Ah, a woman’s constant struggle with her hair. When we have long hair, we often think about cutting it short. When it’s short, we miss our long, flowing locks… When will we ever be truly happy with the outcome?


My mother is a living, breathing example of how one’s hairstyle can rule a single conversation for over 2 decades. I grew up listening to her complaints about how her hair was too straight, too limp, too shaggy, too bushy, too curly, too ‘aunty’, and the list will never end.


Every trip to the salon is a nightmare for her, and for us poor souls who need to spend the next 3 months with her.


I find myself fussing over my hairstyle subconsciously; I’m always thinking of going back to short hair, but I can’t bring myself to do it, even though my ends are semi-fried and my hair is in need for a serious trim. I want a hairstyle that allows me to play with different styles, yet is low-maintenance enough to warrant a wash-and-go routine.


Which is why I think the deep side-part bob is perfect. It’s not too short, and not too long. It’s also trendy enough to style up or down depending on the occasion. No matter your face shape or character, there’s a deep side-part bob that works for you.


Here are some ways you can play with the hairstyle to your liking:



Lily Collins Lily Collins


Agyness Deyn Agyness Deyn


Kristen Connolly Kristen Connolly

If you’re feeling brave, a shorter crop like Lily Collins’s strikes a good balance between cute and edgy, with one side slicked down to look like a fauxhawk. Agyness Deyn does it the lived-in way, full on volume and not lacking in character either. Or try Kristen Connolly’s chin-grazing length, with a fringe that blends in seamlessly with the hair for a streamlined effect.



Slightly longer

Chanel Iman Chanel Iman

Margot Robbie Margot Robbie

Park Soo Joo Park Soo Joo

Whether finger-combed and air-dried like Chanel Iman’s lob, or pinned back on one side like Margot Robbie’s, the lob length does well with a deep side-part to pump up the volume. This style requires more nonchalance to carry off well (it could very well come off as slightly limp and lacking in character sometimes), so a one-of-a-kind hair colour ala Park Soo Joo also does the trick to deliver more ‘oomph’.




Taraji P Henson Taraji P Henson


Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart

The deep side-part bob isn’t reserved for casual looks only – Taraji P Henson does it punk-princess style with a side shave, softened by some loose waves. Miranda Kerr’s red carpet-friendly bob imparts a vintage feel, whereas Kristen Stewart looks much younger (and more approachable) with her tousled ‘do.


So which one’s your favourite?




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