Sensitive skin saviours: easy tips & tricks to protect delicate skin

Sensitive skin saviours: easy tips & tricks to protect delicate skin

Having sensitive skin sucks, but we have to live with what we’ve got and make the best out of it. That doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up at home, though – all you need to do is to make better-informed choices and do a bit of extra prep work. We’ve put together a simple list of tricks that will help to tide you through unexpected flare-ups. Best of all, you can easily get these products in major pharmacies anywhere!



Keep a soothing facial spray handy for emergencies

Sensitive skin is kind of like a flaky friend; it shows up whenever it pleases, sometimes even without warning! A soothing facial spray infused with hydrating ingredients helps to tone down the irritation and redness, so that you’re able to control your sensitivity temporarily. Choose one that’s not scented to prevent irritating your skin further with synthetic fragrances.


Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion, RM19.90



An unscented lip balm doubles as an all-in-one skin tamer

Sometimes, I get dry patches on my chin or corners of my mouth, or even on my elbows and knees. If I’m outside and don’t have any moisturizer on me, I reach for my lipbalm. That’s why I like unscented lip balms, which I can use as an emergency ‘treatment’ on these uncomfortably dry areas. For hygiene purposes, use a clean finger to apply the balm onto problem areas instead of rubbing the stick all over skin. Even better, choose one that comes in a tube, which you can squeeze out as needed.


Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream, RM28.90



Maybe it’s time to stop using a foaming cleanser

So far, I’ve only been able to use a few foaming cleansers that didn’t make my skin feel tight/dry. Ifeel the rest do more harm than good to my rather sensitive skin. One day, I saw a beauty editor share her favourite cleanser on Instagram, and to my surprise, it wasn’t even anything extremely high-tech or expensive. I bought it, tried it, and loved it. 4 years on, I’m still using it as my go-to cleanser, especially as the first step of my evening cleanse. I usually get the 500ml bottle, which comes with a pump for added convenience.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, RM59.20



Keep your skincare routine simple

We all have this bad habit of incorporating more and more products into our skincare routine, but have you considered that your skin probably doesn’t need all the goop you’re putting on? I know women who use 3 different serums in succession, and switch it up with AHAs and BHAs in the evening; the list goes on. What I realized with sensitive skin is that more isn’t necessarily better. On bad skin days, just stick to the basic cleanse-tone-serum-moisturise steps to avoid further aggravating the situation.


Simple Soothing Facial Toner, RM18.80



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