Unlikely combinations: When beauty meets um… something else

Unlikely combinations: When beauty meets um… something else

Today, we take a look at some of the unlikeliest beauty combinations in the market. Goes to show that beauty exists everywhere, no matter how cliched that might sound.


Birkenstock makes skincare now


Wait, what? You heard us right – the sandal brand has come up with a line of natural skincare products! The main ingredient in the skincare line, aptly named ‘NATURAL CARE’, is suberin, which gives cork its special elasticity. That’s also what makes Birkenstock sandals unique – their cork-latex footbeds. The rather extensive skincare line also contains other skin-loving ingredients like arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, elderberry and botanical hyaluronic acid. Stretching across give ranges, from Naturally Pure for moisture to Natural Man for men (duh), the products are refillable and hence, more eco-friendly than your usual skincare products.



Astalift is from Fujifilm, which makes camera film


Granted, Birkenstock isn’t the first company that started out totally non-beauty related. When Astalift was introduced to the market a number of years back, we were a bit taken aback, because back in the day when we still had film cameras, Fujifilm was known for its films and cameras. Apparently, films are also made from collagen, which is why the brand has such an extensive amount of know-how to produce collagen-centric skincare products. Its star product, Jelly Aquarysta, is a jelly-like moisturizing treatment that settles back into its original crystal-smooth condition, so it’s like cracking open a brand-new jar every time.



Clinique meets crayon maker, Crayola


Clinique has always been known for its no-fuss, clinical skincare solutions, but in recent years, it’s been projecting itself as a younger, cooler brand with fun makeup items like their now-iconic Chubby Sticks. Like everyone else in the beauty world, we were enamoured with its limited edition collaboration with Crayola, which makes, well, crayons. The result is a line of lip colours, emblazoned with Crayola-inspired labels, which makes applying lippies all the more fun because now it feels like you’re using a giant crayon on your lips. The colours run towards the sheer side, but the twist-up design makes re-application a breeze – no sharpening needed.



Schwan-Stabilo produces pencils and cosmetics, too


It’s no secret that the Germans make the best pencils. Faber Castell, Staedler, Schwan-Stabilo… But what makes Schwan-Stabilo unique is that they also produce makeup. And they’re pretty serious about it – the choices are mindblowing, especially if you’re interested in creating your own makeup brand. Basically, they can do all the work for you, with up to 12 choices on packaging for mechanical-type pencils alone. You name it; they’ve got it. What most of us don’t know is that in 1927, they invented the world’s first cosmetic pencil called the Dermatograph, which was originally used for marking skin in preparation for surgery. They renamed it Schwan Eyebrow Pencil and BOOM, life was never the same again for us.



SkinTē takes collagen supplements to a whole new level


SkinTē (pronounced ‘tea’), is a line of collagen + tea supplements by Real Beauty Food. Apart from collagen-infused teas, they also have this product called Beauty Treats, which is a translucent jelly in a jar. I have to admit, they look so tempting in their cute little jars (I have a soft spot for jars), and look way tastier than your usual collagen supplements. They’re not available in the market yet, but this might just be the next IN thing in beauty.



Kanye West set to launch makeup line?


Despite his seemingly-unlikeable personality, Kanye West the individual and Kanye West the fashion icon seem to be taken as two separate entities by the public. People bitch about him and bash his personal life choices (ie Kim K), but they line up and maniacally buy his Yeezy Boosts as if the world were about to end. He recently announced the possibility of a makeup line, named after his late mother, Donda. So far there haven’t been any updates on whether the makeup line will really come to life, but we’re keeping our eyes open.


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