Things I spend money on VS things I don’t

Things I spend money on VS things I don’t

They say that when you become more mature in life, you start to discover what your true priorities are. I moved to KL at 20 to pursue a university degree, and I’ve stayed here since. When I first came here, everything was new and exciting. I spent money on things I didn’t really need or want. Ten years on, I’ve slowly learnt that there are some things worth spending money on, and there are things I wouldn’t exactly part with my cash for.



Spend money on… Hair


A good haircut is gold. The arduous journey of finding a hairstylist that understands you isn’t easy, but when you get there, it’s Valhalla all the way. The logic is simple, really – a good stylist has good training. With good training, he or she will be able to give you a good haircut. When you have a good haircut, you look good. You feel good. Getting your hair done might be a pricey affair (say, be prepared to spend up to RM100 for a haircut and up to RM300 or more for chemical services), but when you split it into 6 months, it’s just less than RM2 a day for that ‘I woke up like this’ magic.



Spend money on… A facial package


If God willing, I want to stay young forever. That’s why I made the decision to sign up for a facial package last year after a bout of bad skin. Also, with so many beauty salons offering lucrative facial packages, it’s best to try a few facials before signing up for the whole shebang. Apart from looking for a good deal, you’re also looking for products that won’t break you out/make your skin sensitive, and even more importantly, good facialists who know what they’re doing and don’t try to sell you products just to make up this month’s sales target.



Spend money on… Shoes


I realized the importance of good footwear in my late 20s, after suffering from lower back pain. Cheap shoes are cute – that I don’t deny – but they’re only good for short-distance walking and parties where you won’t have to be on your feet all the time. For hardcore walking, it’s always a good idea to invest in a pair of good shoes or sandals with proper arch support, because they protect your feet and spine in the long run. There was one time I walked over 20,000 steps in a day but didn’t feel like I was hit by a bus, because I was wearing arch support sandals. There was also another time I clocked about the same amount of steps in more ‘aesthetic-looking’ shoes and almost died. Sounds aunty, but your feet will definitely thank you for ergonomic footwear.



Save money on… Lip colours


I’m rather fickle when it comes to lip colours. For me, lip colours come and go – I’ve gone through multiple phases, from glitter-laden glosses to eye-blinding brights to my current favourite, witch-vibe dark colours. That’s why I don’t feel it’s necessary to spend more than RM50 on a lipstick because a) I might never get to the end of the tube anyway; and b) I know that I’ll eventually want more than just ONE lip colour in my bag. Of course I’m not saying that you should get the el-fake-o ones from the night market (especially them inspired ones), because nobody knows what’s in those things. And you’re putting them on your mouth. Please don’t!



Save money on… Brow pencil


My favourite brow pencil is from Daiso (they had an awesome, awesome triangle-nibbed automatic pencil), but they have made the unwise decision to either discontinue it or stock lesser amounts, and I’m beyond annoyed. But thankfully for cheap makeup, you can always count on Korean brands and certain beauty websites too. I found similarly-designed brow pencils by Etude House and Innisfree, and thank god the outcome is exactly the same. My general rule is that my brow pencils should cost less than RM20 (or RM15, if possible). From experience, expensive or cheap, it makes no difference, except that the expensive ones perform worse than the cheap ones.



Save money on… Designer bags


To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of branded bags. Partly because I’m the one to blame – I manhandle my bags a lot, and I get bored of using the same bag very quickly. But also because designer bags are mostly made out of leather, and they can be so. effing. heavy. I’ve reduced myself to using canvas totes as a handbag on most days, because they’re so lightweight and less eye-catching. It’s just my opinion, but I’m not one for working my butt off and spending all that cash on one single thing that costs north of RM4k. I’d rather spend less than RM100 on a bag, and still have RM3,900 in my wallet to spend on the little luxuries in life.



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