Lip service: tricks and trends to get the best out of your lip colours

Lip service: tricks and trends to get the best out of your lip colours

Can I just say that I LOVE lipsticks? A girl can never have to many lip colours, that’s for sure. I never leave home without my trusty lipstick pouch. I don’t wear blusher, and on normal work days, I’ve decided to skip eyeliner to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning. But lipstick – lipstick is everything. Lipstick is life. Without lipstick, I look sick/dead.


In honour of my (current) favourite product, here are 4 major lip trends to try this month:



Make any shade stay on all day long


Dark lipsticks are lovely, but they’re a bummer because they transfer every-fricking-where. The rim of my mug is permanently stained dark red. Kose’s Lip Gel Magic is probably the answer sent from the gods. This ingenious topcoat goes on after your favourite lip colour (except liquid lipsticks), rendering them semi-matte and best of all – transfer-proof. I watched many a review, skeptical because a) the price was a bit steep at RM55; and b) I wasn’t convinced it would really work. But once again, the internet has proven me wrong. It really makes your lipstick stay put, but after the Lip Gel Magic dries, your lippie’s shade changes a teeny bit. Still, I suppose it’s a small enough sacrifice to make.



Holographic glosses to please your inner unicorn-mermaid


Maybe they don’t rank that high up on the practicality front, but these holographic lipglosses called Lip Switch by Sigma Beauty look amazing, and in the word of beauty, looks are everything. The colours are a bit on the pale side, but they definitely make your existing lip colours more interesting. Even though the trend is considered rather ‘recent’ thanks to Buzzfeed and a slew of other social media sharing platforms, holographic lipglosses certainly aren’t new; Inglot came up with a similar product called AMC Lip Gloss back in 2011, and they looked like this:




Bring back childhood memories of glitter-infused makeup


Mentholatum’s not-so-new but still kinda interesting product, Lip Fondue, has caught my eye many a time, mainly because of the product name. One more thing that drew me like a moth to a flame was the Aurora 3D Pearl Lip Fondue, which is a jelly-like balm in a stick, packed to the brim with iridescent shimmer particles. I remember having something similar back in high school, and I was obsessed with it. The Lip Fondue can also be used as a lip mask or a gloss, over your lipstick, for a sheer finish.



Bid goodbye to nasty, cracking matte lip crèmes


Even though Instagram is saturated with matte lip crèmes from the likes of Kylie Lip Kit to local brands like DIDA and more, finding one that gives you barely-there, lightweight wear, combined with pigmented colour that won’t crack on you is harder than finding Ruby Rose at your door. That was until I discovered Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Color. The internet either loves it (like me), or hates it to its very core. Truth be told, the name itself is a huge throwoff; it doesn’t dry matte (actually it doesn’t even dry, wtf), but when blotted (thank god it can be blotted, because experience has taught me that not doing so leaves icky stains on my teeth), it leaves a pretty stained effect that sinks seamlessly into your lips without leaving a paint-like film. The 100% wax-free, gel formula is lightweight and can be reapplied throughout the day without any major clumping, but my only gripe is the synthetic, cloying mango vanilla scent, which thankfully goes away after a while. Love the outcome, props on the easy-to-use applicator, but meh on the scent.



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