Getting ready for CNY – hair & makeup inspiration from Asian beauty gurus

Getting ready for CNY – hair & makeup inspiration from Asian beauty gurus

Having met up with a friend from PR recently, I’ve since learned that the term ‘blogger’ is now obsolete (well, almost). In its place, is the more fashionable moniker, ‘influencer’ or in PR terms, KOL (key opinion leader).

That’s not entirely untrue – instead of sticking to one social medium, internet personalities nowadays span their command over their fans via a mix  of blog posts, YouTube videos, and everyone’s favourite – IG, which now comes complete with a SnapChat-esque function called InstaStories.

Therefore, instead of simply sharing some makeup/hair looks that will look great for CNY, we’ve decided to put together a list of Asian beauty gurus that you’ll keep following, even after the festivities are over.


K-pop inspired makeup by Emily Quak


This Malaysian beauty guru is as eloquent as she is skilled, and we can’t help thinking that her version of K-pop makeup is especially flattering, even with the use of iridescent red eyeshadow. The subtle lipcolour balances out the edgy eye makeup, making this perfect for a night out, starting with dinner and then a few drinks, without the need to keep touching up your lippie. Check out the tutorial here.


Winged eyeliner by Wengie


I was very surprised to find out that Australian beauty influencer Wengie turned 31 recently – I mean, she looks barely over the age of 20, if you ask me. I watch her YouTube videos sometimes, and she does very fun takes on how to trick your friends into believing that you’re weird. Her eyeliner is always on point, and here’s how to create a winged liner look for hooded eyes.


Ultra volumized hair hacks by Tina Yong

maxresdefault (1)

If all-day outings are on your CNY itinerary, this video will come in handy to make sure your hair stays in shape all day long. It sucks if your carefully-styled locks turn limp before the day ends, so take a leaf out of Australian beauty YouTuber Tina Yong’s page and check out how she pumps her hair with volume. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out some of her useful tutorial videos too.


Trendy buns by Elle & Jess Yamada


Hailing from Indonesia, this sister duo is so pretty, they make me wish I looked half as good. Try this tutorial for trendy buns (a semi topknot and a twin half-topknot) that are all the rage right now. I was looking for a more interesting way to hide my yet-to-be-shampooed hair instead of putting it in a ponytail, and was pleased with the final result. Definitely more fashionable than a ponytail, these buns.



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